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Fight with Light

This Article was originally published in the Fight with Light series about the dangers of 5G technology which began with Eleyne-Mari Sharp's blog post, "Save Our Planet: #stop5G."


Welcome to the fourth installment of Fight With Light, an 8-part weekly series featuring 5G news updates and conscious Q&A with guest Light messengers.

Today's guest is Smadar Lorie, a crystal whisperer and spirit scribe, based in Ontario, Canada. As a light guide and the co-creator of and, part of Smadar's journey is to enlighten and empower other emerging light guides and sensitive souls through journeys that take them out of the fear of their growing power.

What is your opinion about 5G technology?

I had not heard about 5G tech until Eleyne-Mari told me about it. I am acutely aware of the effects of EMFs and other environmental pollution, including the many chemicals that we are using in our daily lives. 5G may be the latest “technology” but there are many other disruptive frequencies and environmental toxins that many of us do not know exist.

I would support those who are trying to prevent 5G, but more importantly I would want to educate and empower people, especially the highly sensitive souls among us, on how to shift into a state of such strength and well-being that we won’t be as affected by any toxic tech that may exist or may be developed. If there is an unhealthy frequency being created in our world, you can be sure that there will be powerful healing frequencies that are available to us as well. That is the brilliance of the universe. 

How can we bring more Light into this situation?

It’s very easy to go into fear over yet another unhealthy effect of technology and further consequences of the “progression” of our industrial societies. Fear will only heighten the effects of toxic energies. When we are empowered, we can speak up about what we don’t want to bring into the world without going into fear. When we are calm and peaceful about our protests, our message will be more likely to be heard. 

I believe the best way for us to bring more light to this situation is for the light guides of our world to educate and empower people, each in their own unique way using the gifts that have been given to them. People are becoming more aware and open to the unseen energies of our world because they are starting to notice the detrimental effects of harmful EMFs and toxic chemicals. But not everyone understands yet why they are feeling the way they are. We can help them understand by talking openly and softly about what we know; and we can help them to regain their power through our energetic services.

It is not a coincidence that more and more light guides are becoming aware of their gifts and opening up and speaking out. We are emerging in great numbers because there is a great need right now. The best way for us to help is to trust in the gifts we’ve been given and share them with those who are in need. We need to help each other find our power. 

Light Guides need to support each other. But women, especially, need to support each other right now. This world is in need of the feminine energy, in order to come back into harmony. For too long our world has been balanced more in favour of the masculine energy and now we need a little extra boost of woman power. We’re beginning to see this manifesting already. Women are really stepping up in a way that hasn’t happened in many years. We can help this along by tapping into our personal feminine power and reviving our heart-based, intuitive practices.

We can’t help the world until we know how to help ourselves. It is vital that we take good care of our physical, emotional, and mental bodies and strengthen our connection to our soul and our Source. It is not enough to do just one or another. We may have been able to get away with neglecting our personal care at one time and still lead fairly comfortable lives, but no longer. It is important that we look after ourselves as a regular practice and not wait until we feel unwell before we start. The body is brilliant at bouncing back into balance but the sooner we begin to help it out, the sooner we can begin to feel better and become more resilient to the effects of toxic energies.

What steps have you taken to protect yourself from radiation and negative forces?

As a highly sensitive soul, I was among the first to feel the effects of the deterioration of our environment. I think to some extent I always felt the effects of environmental toxins, though I didn’t understand it until much later in life. That understanding came once I began to awaken and to trust in my higher guidance. 

One of the things that helped me so much when I was beginning my awakening was my connection with the Stone Beings. Even as a child, I felt the power of crystal energy. I lost that connection as I grew up and had to join the “real world." I remembered the crystals just after I had my first child. Their peaceful presence helped me in ways I was oblivious to at the time. I didn’t realize at the time just how much they were helping me. All I knew is that when I was around the crystals and held them in my hand I felt good. I’ve been surrounded by the Stone Beings ever since. 

I have come to see crystals as conscious beings, rather than high-vibrational tools. It doesn’t matter to the crystals how we work with them. They meet us where we are and generously share their loving energy unconditionally. However, when we shift our perspective of them, it does change our experience with them quite dramatically.

I’ll give you an example. People are becoming aware of Shungite as a powerful stone for filtering water and protecting against EMFs. Shungite will certainly do that for you. But when you connect with Shungite as a conscious being, they will show you how to tune into the frequency of purification and so then you become that energy. In this state you don’t need protection—you are the protection. That’s what Shungite did for me. I still always wear my Noble Shungite pendant when I leave the house but I do it now because I want to and not because I need to in order to feel well when I’m in public.

Don’t get me wrong. I still feel the effects of environmental toxins. And truthfully, I don’t want to be numb to them. They are not a good energy for the body and it’s actually a good thing that we notice their detrimental effects. If they didn’t bother us, we would have no motivation to remove them from our environment.

While crystals are one of the first and best energies which eased my suffering, there were other things that I did that also helped me to strengthen both my physical and energy bodies. I struggled quite a lot with the debilitating effects of toxic environments but I have been guided to take steps to strengthen and empower myself. It’s not so much that I am protecting myself from the environment but that I am shifting into a space where toxic energies no longer affect me—at least not the way they once did. 

There will always be something that can potentially cause dis-ease, discomfort, reaction, and pain. This gift that is the human body is quite brilliant at coming into balance. We can help our bodies achieve this balance by freeing up energy so that it can do its thing. That means giving it what it needs for optimal energy and not putting things in that will be disruptive to our natural healing. I’ve spent a great deal of my life here learning about self healing and now I’m inspired to begin to offer guidance to fellow sensitive souls who are feeling the effects of unhealthy living and the consequences of our environmental situation. 


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Eleyne-Mari Sharp (pronounced “Elaine Marie”) is a visionary with many interests (she especially loves Color and Water) and a very eclectic background. Eleyne-Mari is a radio show host and producer, certified color therapist, spiritual aromatherapist, and crystal worker. Since 1980, Eleyne-Mari has worked as a professional writer/copywriter/editor by television shows, advertising agencies, publishing companies, film festivals, and screenwriting conferences.  

She has written several books, including Inn Lak'ech: A Journey to the Realm of Oneness and Mad About Hue: A Memoir in Living Color, as well as hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles. Eleyne-Mari's writing was featured in two anthologies: How I Found the Write Pathand Simply Color for Everyday Living.   She is currently completing Seaglass Christmas: A Little Blessing Mystery. 

She is a proud member of the Visionary Fiction Alliance and was the founder of a national writers organization. As a writing muse, Eleyne-Mari has conducted numerous writers conferences and workshops for adults and children. She is the founder of Ascension Cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo and the First Write™ 24-hour writing marathon on New Year’s Day.

Eleyne-Mari lives in Rhode Island with her yacht captain husband, Nicholas, and their mischievous little furbabies, Tim and Holly. She enjoys laughing, reading, writing meditations, designing jewelry, collecting seaglass, leaf peeping in autumn, creating collages and journals, constructing dollhouses and miniature roomboxes, and watching "Downton Abbey", "Poldark," and "Sherlock" on PBS.  She is a vegetarian who would like to be a vegan but she loves cheese and honey too much. Her favorite colors are teal, seafoam green, magenta, and purple.