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Feeling it in my Bones


Many stones were singing this month. Perhaps in harmony with spring’s awakening blossoms and with the birds who sprung into song as the earth began to warm after a very cold winter. This promise of spring turned out to be just a tease though. The bird song stopped in these last few days as we received the last remnants of winter’s snow intermingled with a spattering of freezing rain during a cold spell with temperatures that fell back all the way to minus 11. What was that about Spring, Gaia?
  Despite the coldness of the month, two stones warmed me with their lovely song. Theirs was a duet of Sea and Sky. They reflected the teasing of mother earth’s broken promise of spring’s arrival. I felt the message of these stones in my body. I was literally “feeling it in my bones” just as I was feeling the cold “in my bones” … you have to laugh at the Universe’s ironies.


These stones gave me an insight into the depth of duality. That insight was revealed in a very clever way. They showed me by example – in the very way that they manifest their purpose here with us. These stones are Howlite and Turquoise. Turquoise is highly valued by us and Howlite is highly undervalued. In fact, there are many who dye Howlite a turquoise colour and sell it either falsely as Turquoise or as Turquenite which is a name they give to dyed Howlite to make it sound more like turquoise so it will be more valuable to us.

seaandskystarsong-02seaandskystarsong-02 M

We do this often, us humans. We see a value in someone or something and we try to emulate it or copy it, hoping we can bring more value to our own lives this way. It may make us more appealing or make us feel richer temporarily but what it actually does is hide our own very special qualities beneath a false mask. Truthfully, this way neither the one which we are impersonating nor the real us will be seen and we lose out on both.  This is what happens with Howlite. People often miss seeing it’s incredible gifts because they are more interested in it’s more expensive counterpart. Yes there is a reason Turquoise is highly valued, but Howlite has it’s own gifts that, if we truly noticed, we would never want to disguise to look like something it is not.

seaandskystarsong-07 seaandskystarsong-08

This perception of value that we give to Turquoise is something we do a lot in all aspects of our lives. These marketing campaigns have benefit in showing us something about the thing being advertised, but it also creates very specific expectations. Those expectations might have us miss something very special that is unique to each individual stone. And it might cause us to ignore a lesser known one because of the hype.


I’ve seen this happen a lot in the metaphysical world and it seems to be happening more and more often. The glitz and glam is lovely but it’s important for us to see what’s beyond the red carpet and velvet curtains. It’s important for us not to miss a gift that the “unknown” stones hold for us as well. Turquoise and Howlite are the living example of what happens when we do. Both are lovely but truthfully one is not more valuable than the other despite their price tags.


I invite you to play with them both and see what beauty they each offer. And when you bring them together, you will be gifted with something else – something that comes into presence only when the two are together. It is quite spectacular. They already begin to offer us something by this glimpse into the duality of humanity. This capacity to prize and overvalue something based on appearance and popularity while we completely dismiss the value and appeal of those which don’t have a pretty package or some hype attached to them. The glitz is fun but there is greatness to be found in the shadows.