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Crystal Family


It is not just an important part of human existence. It is vital to our existence. When I speak of family, I’m speaking of human to human and not necessarily of people who are bonded by blood. Family takes many shapes. 

It is not just a human thing either. We can look to the natural world to see many examples of family bonds. I don’t think we can find, though, a more beautifully harmonious model of family than the ones we see within the crystal kingdom.

Beautiful Together

If we look closely at how crystals form and bond together in clusters we will see such beauty in their unity. Each crystal can each take a very different direction, sometimes growing in complete opposite ways to each other, yet they all remain strongly bonded at their roots. It is visually stunning and if you take the time to appreciate the story of these crystal families, it becomes deeply moving at the emotional level as well. Perhaps it is precisely because of the differences in their individual patterns that makes them so beautiful together.

Humans are not as graceful in their family units as the crystalline ones. In fact, ours can get quite messy. Often that is because we don’t always follow the natural path of our unique individual development. We want so much to belong and to make others happy that we may sometimes fight against our fate. Ignoring our personal dreams and desires in our attempt to fit in or keep the peace causes us to feel angry and resentful. Trying so hard to stay close ends up being the very thing that pushes us apart/tears our families apart.

Pushing our Buttons

Nothing highlights our rifts and separations more than family gatherings. These holidays and special occasions can be filled with much stress and anxiety. even amongst the most closely knit families. Every button that can be pushed will inevitably be pressed. Whether the micro-aggressions are obvious or not, we pick up on them. Sometimes those feelings will be buried in food and drink and sometimes they will explode in drama.

The anticipation alone can have us feeling stressed and depressed for weeks before and leave us rattled for weeks after each event.

Family Jewels

There are many ways to family related anxieties. Crystals have always been my go-to calming presence. I carry a whole medicine pouch filled with my crystal support team whenever I go to dinners with the relatives.

In my bundle is always:

Noble Shungite Pendant. I never leave home without that one. This soft stone help me to transform toxic energies, both emotional and physical ones. I am an empath as well as being very sensitive to chemicals like perfumes and cleaning agents. So when I am with others, I not only hold my own feelings but I’m picking up on every other person there. Shungite has been a lifesaver.

Coral is another of my steady stone guides. They are a huge source of support to me in managing my sensitivities. Coral have also shown me how to be more open to receiving without guilt and shame—from the universe as well as from others. That can go a long way to resolving family problems.

Bloodstone is often in my pouch. This stone being is an important ally when DNA level stuff is affecting me. Bloodstone tends to also help me with the physical stress of being in toxic environments. Stress that may bring on headaches, nausea and upset stomach. For the times I was feeling extra vulnerable, I might also take along some Black Tourmaline or golden Pyrite to strengthen my energetic fields.

Golden Lion Heart Opal was one of my key helpmates, especially when I was with extended family. This powerful Chrysopal has helped me have a sense of belonging in situations where I was feeling like the black sheep (so always).

Carnelian is a stone I often turn to for many reasons. Carnelian stones help me express my voice with calm confidence. This beautiful guide helps me to feel comfortable in my own skin and ease the drama trauma.

Rhodochrosite will always be there. It is a stone that you will see me with often. Rhodochrosite offers me one of the greatest gifts another being can give. That of reflecting self love. Without knowing your own worthiness, you can’t hope to heal issues around family love.

Then of course I would always listen to whatever stone wanted to go with me in the moment. They crystals know often long before we do when they are needed. My bag of “family jewels” was always close at hand for times I would need to draw on their energy.

A Crystal Family

Working to transform family stuff can sometimes require a little more than that. Calling in the energy of a Crystal Cluster can help tremendously with family situations. They reflect harmonious family energy which you can tap into and begin to integrate. A Tangerine cluster adds the energetic colour frequency of the orange ray which helps to ease trauma.

Soul Journey Stone

If family situations are an ongoing issue and it has come to the point that they are causing you a lot of anxiety and stress in your everyday existence, then you might want to call in a Soul Journey Stone. These personal medicine stones can help guide you out of this toxic energy. A soul journey stone will help you to shift unhealthy patterns at a very deep level, even (or perhaps especially) those which are passed through the ancestral line or come through from other lifetimes.

Originally published December 20, 2020