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Fall Away

At this time of year, with the change of seasons, feelings of sorrow tend to rise up in those of us who have not yet completely let go of past painful and traumatic experiences. As an empath and light guide, I have been tuning into feelings of grief quite powerfully of late and sense that the Universe is cycling through something that causes those feelings to be amplified. I imagine that other light guides are picking up on that as well. That would explain what I’ve been hearing from other light workers that are themselves going through a personal loss about the heightened intensity of their emotions.

What I’m sharing with you here in this blog is a response to these feelings of grief.


The universe wants us to know that all that manifests in our lives, from material objects to living beings are of the same energy. Those things and those beings come into our lives and exit our lives on cue and in perfect harmony with all that is. Truthfully, there is no loss, but transition from one form to another. Mired in physical illusion, we have forgotten that and so when we suffer a loss we feel abandoned and grief stricken. The loss is as much of an illusion as this life we have created. It’s a damn good illusion and that is also by design.



(A group of stones came forward to co-create a Star Song and to share a deep message for those of us transitioning through a great loss. This Star Song came into presence exactly 5 years ago (October 10th, 2016). They shared a song of comfort when people and things in our lives …

f a  l  l    a w a y

We, the Stone Circle of Syxl, have come forth to ease your suffering through the transition of a loss.  (Any loss, including loss of a loved one, loss of well being, loss of youth, loss of a job, loss of home, loss of an important material object – all loss is difficult for us.)  That which you have lost has not truly left your life, but has morphed from one form to another.  You have not been abandoned and you have not failed.  You have been elevated into another phase of your current physical incarnation.  The energy that formed the being (or thing) that you have lost – has not left you – it has just taken a new form.  It is part of you and therefore never really left.  It has taken on a new manifestation – be it physical or otherwise – but it is still present.  It is still very much part of your energy matrix in this current life you live.  The physical form that your lost one had taken is now dissolved, but they were so much more than a material body.  The part of that being that you connected with was far beyond any illusory image.  That part – call it the soul if you will – is an extension of yourself – it is an extension of all that ever is, ever was or every will be.  That part is eternal.  You can connect with AND DO connect with that part still and you always will.

Let yourself grieve.  Let yourself feel the sadness, the regrets, the anger, the rejection, the pain and the sorrow.  Then when those feelings have been released, let yourself feel the love that lays beneath it all and then you will feel your friend once more and you will know that they never left at all. 

A Show of Colour

Once a year, the trees release their leaves in a show of colour that takes our breath away… in that moment they reveal the truth of who they are. It happens not in their summer’s bounty but when they let go of all that they created. It is then that they reveal the truth of who they are … they show the world their true colours.

The trees will help you to remember how to do what they do so gracefully … let go of what was and be who you are in this moment as it is. It is a type of metamorphosis. Shedding what you were makes room for a new incarnation of yourself that is in alignment with the present and with all the universe.

Circle of Love

The stone beings will keep you in a protective, grounding, loving circle of energy. They will help you to remember how to accept yourself and your circumstances with ease and grace. Surround yourself in their magical vibrations of light and love always, but even more so at times of great transition like the one we are all moving through at this moment.

This message is given to you with so much love from me and from the many light beings that guide us through the tangled pathways of the physical realm.


Originally published October 6, 2016