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Faery Ears

Last night the Faery Ears crystal began singing again. We’ve spoken about them before. Quite recently actually. They first came to bring attention to the faeries and other magical beings who live in crystals. They are back today with more magic—this time about hearing with the ears of faeries.

What does that mean—hearing with the ears of faeries?

It is about opening to the possibility of hearing the songs of the faeries (their language). And it is also about re-learning to hear the way faeries do. I say re-learning because that skill is something we all came into the world having. For most of us, that ability to hear the subtle sounds of the universe began to dull with each admonishment of our childish ways and with each demand to grow up.

With the Faery Ear crystal close by as I slept, it’s no wonder that the faeries visited my dreams. I was transported to a magical store, shopping for teeny, tiny backpacks. These cute bags came in many varying shades and patterns. I was rummaging through the bin searching for just the right one and felt an immediate warmth and bliss in my heart when I had it in my hands.

What Faeries carry

I somehow knew that the backpack was for holding the many tools that faeries use when they bring their gifts into our world. Maybe things like wands made of twigs and wildflower petal crowns. Birch buds dripping with dew and buttercups filled with honey sap. 60 tinkling shells and a half dozen pink peppercorns. There might be some raven feathers and braided grasses—and of course, crystals of all kinds. There will surely be secret things that are only found in their world.

They carry these things with them for times their magic is needed. We associate them with mischief and missing things. When things go awry they are often blamed. They’ve been typecast as malevolent and sometimes spiteful but they are quite misunderstood. These playful beings infuse our world with a frivolity and muse-ic that goes unrecognized and unappreciated.

They shared a song (a message) to help us remember...

Faery Ears Song

There is a song that those of the realm of the fae emit, which are not often heard by human ears. It plays on a frequency which is obscured by faithlessness and fear—sounds which are prevalent in your realm.

They drown out our language and so you cannot hear us and then you don’t believe in us. What’s worse is that those darkening emotions drown out the sound of your own true voice. And while your soul’s song becomes more faint, your fears get louder.

We came to remind you to tune back into the song of your soul. When you can hear yourself—your true self—a whole orchestra of magical sounds will begin to play for you.

There’s more to them

So perhaps you can look beyond what you may have believed the faeries to be and beyond any stories you may have been told. It’s best to learn about who they truly are through direct experience. If you invite them into your life, they will come. And they may indeed hide your keys but if they do, you can be sure, that the hunt for them will lead to something quite magical.

There is so much more to the fae than what is written in the books, or even beyond any single direct experience with them. As has been demonstrated by this Faery Ear crystal cluster. What they have shown us in our two encounters with them is really only just the beginning.