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Even Angels Pray

A tabby twin crystal filled with coloured confetti and carrying an Angel on bended knee was singing. They say that even Angels pray.

I shared the whole story in the video below. About fairies hiding crystals; and missing jewels; and games and synchronicity; and finally an invitation to see something magical about yourself that you might not have otherwise seen.

What Angels Pray for

This morning, I walked with my Angels and I heard their prayers.

It began with one of my own.

Tell me my ethereal guardians what do you pray for?

They told me that they pray for the same things that everyone prays dance with light and feel the Divine’s breath on their cheek. To feel love and to know that their love is felt. And before they return home, to know that their presence in this Universe mattered. To know that even when they were not seen, their protection and guidance was felt.

An answer to someone's prayers

So when you fall on bended knee and call out to your guardians for help, know that they are listening. Know that they are praying too and they are heard. And know this as well...that you too are an answer to someone’s prayers.