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Epic Faery Birth

At dawn, on the 3rd day following the spring’s first new moon, faery baby twins were born from the cocoon inside of an epic green crystal. They have been carried there inside this crystal for years and they have been here with me since I received the message saying...

“You will be guardian of the faery baby until she is ready to be born.”

I didn’t know that message was for me. I thought that it was for one of you. I kept her here. Waiting until she let me know she was ready to go home.

Yesterday I heard her singing. She drew me right to her. She had this month’s crystal moon message. I kept her close until she was ready to share her song. Then this morning, at dawn, it was time. I picked her up and what I witnessed was mesmerizing.

The Birth

It begin with a glowing orb and then another and yet another. They were not there before. The cocoon began to change. It was dissolving. And then I saw the baby. And then I saw the twin.

It was one of the most magical things I had experienced through all my years of being around the stone beings. It was perhaps even more magical than the discovery of the dragon eggs many years ago. The energy in the room was sparkling. I didn’t want to move lest it all disappear.

A harmony of voices

I was so mesmerized by the babies that I let go of trying to receive the Crystal Moon Message. Yet somehow I found myself with pen in hand and I was writing.

Recording this message had a very different feel. Usually I am listening. This time it was if our voices were one. The message was coming from both of us simultaneously. Neither of us giving voice to the other. Both of us speaking in harmony. That in and of itself was magical. I’m sharing it with you raw and unedited, as it flowed out of us, not wanting to mess with it in any way.

Witnessing Magic

There is so much magic that happens in this world that goes unwitnessed.

Sensitive souls feel the magic all the time, but have been told so many times that it is not real that they believe it.

I am here to tell you that the magic is real.

I will be reminding you today, as I did yesterday and as as I will tomorrow to trust yourself. Trust what you know is true—even if you are the only one in the world who will ever experience or witness the magic.

You are not crazy.

You are one of those rare people who can step outside the boundaries that have been put in place by fear and doubt. You see beyond the limitations of time and space, into realms that are beyond the ordinary.

This is what it takes to witness a magical birth. Complete and utter trust.

Do you have such trust in yourself?

Do you want to trust yourself?

Let today…the birthday of the magical faery baby twins…be the day that you crack open the cocoon around your heart—the shell that has been protecting you from the hurt of disbelief (not being believed) and the loneliness of being the only one who can see what is invisible to most others.

Let today be the birthday of your magical self.

All you need to open your magical eye is an aye to trusting yourself.

Do you say yes—do you say aye—to the rebirth of magic in your life?

Will you share this magical birthday with the faery baby twins?