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Energy Disconnect

Inspiration for my blogs comes sometimes from the least expected places.  This month I was inspired by an experience I had with a new mouse I got.  That’s the mouse that helps me navigate around my computer, not a mouse that eats cheese and wiggles its whiskers.  I loved this new mouse.  It responded to the lightest touch and had this bouncy effect that dissolved the borders of my pages allowing me to bounce outside the edges of the simulated pages.  I was greatly enjoying that.  However, my excitement soon dimmed as I found that my connection was constantly interrupted.  I would click on a page or spot and then no sooner did I get started my connection was lost and my mouse stopped responding.  Sometimes I could get reconnected fairly quickly but sometimes not!  It got to the point where I was spending more time waiting to be connected than I was actually connected.  It really SLOWED down my work.  The constant stopping and clicking and reestablishing my position after I was reconnected was driving me crazy.

As frustrated as I was, the messages that came up on my computer screen whenever this happened, captured my attention:

"Connection Lost"



It felt like the Universe was sending me a message through this mouse.  And I was beginning to pay attention.  I could have called for tech support to resolve this issue but for some reason I was guided to wait on that.  The “problem” resolved when the mouse ran out of batteries and I put in a new set.  That’s what the issue had been.  The batteries needed changing and the mouse was not maintaining a connection to its energy source.



Did you hear that …. I certainly did.

When we lose connection to our SOURCE, we are temporarily cut off from our supply of energy or that supply is intermittent – as it was with my mouse.

WOW …. powerful message from such a small inanimate object! 

Feeling Lost

When we lose connection to our SOURCE, we are temporarily cut off from our supply of energy or that supply is intermittent.”  THOSE are the times that we feel LOST.  Those are the moments where we feel despair.  They are the moments where we become overwhelmed by life – bombarded by stimuli and unable to summon up the energy to move forward.  Well of course that’s how we feel.  We are like the mouse...

"Connection Lost"

This loss of connection – this disconnect from our power source – affects us in so many ways.  For my computer work, it was slowing me down to the point where I was having trouble getting the simplest things accomplished.  Even the most basic tasks were taking far more time and energy that I had available.  Without a constant supply of energy, I was rendered idle.

Intermittent Energy

This experience was showing me something else too … something important … it was not just about maintaining a connection to an energy source, but choosing which energy source to plug into.  It was a choice of whether to plug into a source of energy that is INTERMITTENT and constantly needs to be recharged or plugging directly into the main source!!!!  We can choose a source of energy, like batteries, that is limited; and then “reconnect” when needed by replacing the batteries or recharging them.  Or we can choose to plug directly into a consistent source of power, like electricity, that gives us a constant flow of energy – as long as we stay plugged in.  We can apply this principle to our spiritual selves and choose whether to connect to limited/intermittent sources of energies or connect directly to our Source.

How do we reconnect?

How do we reconnect with our primal energy source?  Not through outside sources as we might think, but by navigating from within.  So what has this to do with crystals?  The Stone Beings are masters of the art of stillness.  It is in the stillness – the deep presence of the now – where we can find our connection to Source and the most powerful stores of energy we can find in this world.  The crystalline beings are excellent guides through this territory that is their home.


Originally posted: April 30, 2014