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Energy Arrows

When you are a highly sensitive person in a world of sensation overload, life can be a challenging to navigate even at the best of times. This is especially true for empaths. Being able to feel the pain and fear of all those around you, uses up a lot of your personal bandwidth, leaving little left for yourself. This can take a toll on your personal well-being.

Many highly sensitive people choose professions that have them caring for others in some way, whether that is in the healing arts, expressing themselves creatively or using their intuitive gifts. If you are in a job that requires you to tap into your gifts of empathy and healing, as hsp’s usually are, you will be dipping deeper into your pool of resources. You are already a giving soul. Drawing on your nourishing and nurturing resources at work, depletes even more of your energy.

Energy Drain

When you are not getting enough sustenance and rest, you will feel drained and unmotivated. In that open, vulnerable state being exposed to dissonant energies can not only have you feeling spent but they can impact your health in consequential ways. You are left emotionally unprotected and susceptible to further depletion by energy vampires.

There are many ways you can protect yourself. You can put up energy shields, take sanctuary in pink bubbles, bathe yourself in white light, cleanse yourself and your space, create crystal grids, recite prayers and mantras and call on your guides to guard you. Pulling out your tools of protection tools can definitely help but these systems also consume energy. And when you are already in a weakened state, they will take even more out of you.

There is another way to approach protection. One that is more proactive than defensive. One that will leave you feeling more energized and more empowered. That is to strengthen yourself on all levels of your beings so that when things come up that could be a potential drain on your energy, they will have little to no effect on you. So rather than try to become impervious to any potential attack on your energy, you will become diaphanous––let them pass right through you having no effect on you. You see, it is your resistance to dissonant energies that is the main cause of their energy drain.

Ways to get Proactive

Personal Space

Personal alone time is a must have for a sensitive soul. Because you experience the cacophony of energies from all around you, it is vital that you spend some time away from the chaos and allow yourself to get in touch with what you are feeling and what you are needing.

Physical Fortitude

When your body is in a weakened state, your energy drains more quickly. Much like the way an old phone battery loses its charge in 1/2 the time that it should. Strengthening your physical body works to seal those energy leaks. Feed it with pure, natural, raw foods whenever possible. Feel the power of a fit form that exercise offers. Only do things that you love and you won’t have to try to motivate yourself to move. I happen to love walking in the woods and qigong. I recently discovered that moving to music gives me so much joy. Humans call it dancing.

Light Baths

Whenever possible get outside expose your skin to the sun and the earth. The best times are dawn and dusk. You might catch sight of a fox or a faery. It doesn’t have to be for long and be mindful of the amount of sun exposure you get. Educate yourself without going into fear mode about the best times and the best ways to be safe in the sun for where you are in the world.

Forest Bathing

If possible, spend time with the trees. The Tree people are generous with their harmonious vibes. Hug them. Talk to them. They have so many stories to tell and much wisdom to share.

The Stone Beings

I don't know how I almost forgot to mention Crystals. It might be because they are such an integral part of my life that it is a given that I call on them to help me find my strength. Crystals can help in a way unlike any other. They reflect to you how this sensitive nature that has you feeling so weak is actually a source of great power. They also show you how to flip your perspective and turn your weakness into strength.

One small step

It’s hard to find the motivation to take care of yourself when you are being bombarded by energy arrows that puncture your protective shields and drain you of your energy. Start slowly and gently and you will soon find yourself gaining strength and loosening your resistance, allowing those intrusive attacks to flow right through you.

If you find yourself needing some extra support with how to replenish your energy and find your power, get in touch.


Originally published May 16, 2021