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Empowered by Prayer

Some years ago, a magical Star Song (crystal elixir) came into presence, carrying the energy of freedom of movement. It had been co-created with a copper sphere and a magical wooden branch whose form very much resembles a KNEE. This star song’s gift was one of harmonious, unencumbered, expansive movement, whether of body, mind, emotion or spirit––freedom. It's timing was synchronistic, offering a much needed energetic gift to a family member who fell and landed on both her knees. 



The message of this Star Song seemed clear but being in the energy of its magic took me even deeper and what was revealed came as a surprise. This star song was about being empowered by prayer.

At first it seemed to be quite different than the initial freedom of movement message, but it soon became clear that these 2 concepts are very connected. The physical fall and landing on both knees that this Star Song came to support conjures the iconic position and oft used metaphor of falling on ones knees in prayer. Then I remembered that I found the wooden “knee” branch at a synagogue––a place of prayer.



The discovery of unexpected connection was also reflected in the physical qualities of the wood and cooper elements of this essence. While wood is soft and organic and copper is hard and metallic, both bend and curve naturally during growth. But once they have taken shape, they stay rooted in this posture. 

On your Knees

Being on your knees can be associated with being dominated or surrendering to a ruling power. It is also a position of spiritual surrender. A giving over of body, mind and heart to the Divine in complete trust. Though this position can be one of either empowerment or disempowerment, the physical stance is the same for both.

I sensed there was yet more to understand so I asked these magical beings what else we needed to know? This was the answer I received:

Falling to your knees in complete surrender is a difficult stance for you to take.

You associate it with being controlled––with being dominated––with being broken. You see it as losing your power.

And when you bow down in this way to an egoic power––a military or government command or a cult leader or even societal and peer influence, then YES––you are bending your will and giving them your power.

But spiritual surrender is much different. When you come to your knees in communion with the Divine you are not giving up anything except your attachment to the physical body. You still have your will and your freedom. Only now you have it in concert with the Divine Song. You realize your oneness with All That Is.


This message brought a profound sense of clarity.


Unconditional Freedom

Total and complete surrender is a difficult ask for us humans, whether it is to the ego or the Divine. It's a journey of small steps that can take a lifetime. Meanwhile, how can we begin to shift the experience of being on our knees (real or metaphorical) from one of disempowerment to empowerment. 

Begin by changing the way you look at prayer. 

Before you can offer an unconditional surrender to the Divine, there must first be trust. Trust comes as a result of a deepening relationship between you and your Creator over time. Prayer is one of the ways to build that connection. If you see it as an open dialogue between you and the Divine, then you become empowered by prayer..and that is what leads to freedom.


Originally Published August 26, 2017