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Dragon Crystal's Forgotten Power

The crystalline ones will often open the portals to other realms and allow us to journey into those magical places with them. They allow us to connect to ancient beings and different dimensions that we might not otherwise remember how to reach ourselves. One of the most powerful beings I’ve encountered through the stone beings is the Dragon.

What are Dragon Crystals?

Dragon Crystals are those stone beings who carry the spirit and energy of the dragon. They are easily recognizable, if not in form, definitely in their energetic emanations. Dragon embodies ancient power and great physical strength, Its energy is colossal, primal, regal. It is guardian. It is protector. Even those who are just beginning to sense the subtle vibrations of crystals will easily recognize a Dragon Crystal.

Any type of crystal can carry the Dragon energy. Crystals like Bastnaesite, Septarian, Dragon Skin Obisidian, Dragon Blood Stone, Blue Dragon Crystals, Dragon Bones, and other crystals of the Dragon Guard. These magical beings have been a constant presence at both Song of Stones and in my personal life.

Many are intimidated by Dragon’s might. She has a great strength that commands respect and engenders fear. The ironic thing is, when one feels intimidated, Dragon is the very best guide to call upon. She can reveal a secret to you about this great power she holds. She can show you how to tap into your own source of power.

Dragon also has a gentle side?

Tenderness is not a term we normally associate with Dragon but it is a very large part of her energy. She does not use her fire to harm—only to protect. Any myths about her to the contrary come from fear of her power and her seemingly indestructible armour.

Another side of Dragon

I thought I had a good understanding of Dragon energy but I experienced a new side of this beautiful creature through a star song.

In embodying her energy, I felt a surge of confidence and a feeling of being comfortable in my own skin. Things that were normally intimidating, didn’t even phase me. Having been a consummate people-pleaser for a good deal of my life, I suddenly became quite comfortable with people who didn’t like me, or who were angry with me.

Energy coming at me that would normally cause pain or doubt, would just bounce off my skin or burn in my breath. I did not become “fired” up by words shot at me like spears. I remained unaffected and in my heart. We were motivated, inspired and moved by our own purpose —rather than being influenced by what someone else thought about me. There was no confusion about what my purpose was because it was sparked from within.

Truth without Fear

This is Dragon energy at its basest. Feeling confident, comfortable, safe, free, open, and honest. It holds the vibration of truth without fear. This Star Song inspired me to be truthful in every aspect of my being—in heart and body as well as with our words. But even greater is that it showed me how be ok in another’s truth without judgement, without resistance and without taking offence.

Dragon’s energy manifests in the way that is most needed and most beneficial. That may be with fierce protectiveness or the gentlest touch.

A Dragon Song

Another of dragon’s many facets were revealed when a dragon crystal sang to me under the energies of a Full Moon. He whispered his messaged to my heart. His message was one of connecting you to the ancient hidden energy of the dragon beings.

“It is not too hard to imagine that there are secrets hidden in the Universe that have been unknown to us for centuries and may continue to elude us far into the future.

However, it is harder to fathom that there is a strength and power hidden within the flesh and bones of your own body that have lain dormant your entire life. This inner power is stirring awake now and we have come to show you how to harness it.”

A sacred Truth

Dragon came to guide me at a time were I was beginning to express myself and my truth in a more open and much bolder way than ever before. Without fully realizing it, I had been holding so much of myself back. Standing in the energy of Dragon’s majestic vibrations, I found myself feeling freed, unrestrained and unafraid of speaking my truth—even knowing that my words will send some running in the other direction.

Through my experiences in connecting with mystical guides, I have come to understand at a very deep level, a sacred truth. This power I was accessing was not an energy that was outside myself … I was reconnecting with a forgotten part of myself that matched the frequency of my guide’s (Dragon in this case) vibrations.

A forgotten power

Dragon didn’t come forth to “give me” a power that I didn’t have before. Dragon came to remind me of a part of myself I’d buried and forgotten. In much the same way that she has been forgotten to the world. It’s not that any human alive doesn’t know who she is … it’s that they don’t believe that she’s real. It’s that doubt that creates the disconnect between us.

When we remember Dragon, she becomes real again. The same thing happens when we remember our self.