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Do you know what your birthday crystal is?

Life has a certain, unique energy that changes with every rotation around the sun. Just as there is an energy to a place or a person or a thing, there is an energy attached to time. Each season, each month, each day and of course each year has its own unique flavour.

This applies collectively—so humanity as a whole experiences a certain energy together. A good example of that was in 2020. People noticed and commented on the year as if it were an entity, whether they were spiritually minded or not.

The year of love

This energy around time applies personally as well. You may have noticed that certain years were more fun, more quiet, more social, more solitary, more prosperous, or more tragic. You may have even heard yourself say something like...17 was my most reckless year, or 22 was the year of love, or 40 was the age I felt most comfortable in my body. It may not be something that you do consciously, but there is something universal about engaging with time in this way.

The years pass quickly and we may pause for a moment on our birthday to lament over the things we planned to do but never got around to. We are easily distracted though, and quickly fall back into old habits. It doesn’t necessarily dawn on us that we can go into our next year with intention. That rather than allow life to happen to us, we can play an active role in the co-creation of our life.

That’s where the Birthday Crystal comes in.

What is a birthday crystal?

The birthday crystal is not the same as your birthstone, which comes from a standardized list made by the National Association of Jewelers combining various customs but ultimately choosing stones which would be practical for Jewelers to sell in large quantities.

It’s also not the same as your zodiac stone. Those are the crystals that complement and support your sun sign’s quirks and traits. While the birthstone list is standardized, there are many different opinions as to which zodiac stones match which signs.

It can be fun to have a special stone dedicated to your month of birth or your zodiac sign. In a generic world where it can be a struggle to find identity, it’s nice to have something that feels tailored.

This is personal

Your birthday crystal is far more personal than one you’ll find on either list. This is a stone which will come into your life with a gift(s) specifically related to you and your purpose. This is a crystal which takes you into greater clarity and awareness of the power you have over the unfolding of your life. It puts you in touch with the energy of the coming year and emanates frequencies akin to a map and compass with which to navigate the unknown. With this magical, high frequency guide, you can choose to walk this year more awake.

How to choose

Begin by opening up to inviting in a Birthday Crystal a few weeks before your birthday, if possible. Then let the Universe guide you to your crystal. It could be more than one crystal—a duet, a trio, even a circle of crystals. If you are open to it, the crystal will appear in some magical way—whether someone gifts it to you, you find it in nature, or you are led to adopting (buying) it in some synchronistic way. The crystal may show up before or after your birthday. Trust the timing.

You can always reach out to me to listen for the stone who is singing just for you. Hearing the song of stones is one of my superpowers.

What next?

Stay close to your crystal. Meditate with it, sleep with it, work with it, journal with it. Keep it near for a full rotation around the sun—until your next birthday. And if you liked the journey, and I imagine you will, do it all again.