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Do you choose with trust?

When I first began my journey with the Stone Beings I looked outside the connection with them to “experts” to learn about them. I didn’t realize that my best teachers were right there in the very relationship I had with the Stone Beings. I didn’t trust myself. I didn’t trust what I was receiving as being real. I didn’t believe that I already knew everything that I needed in order to place myself among the many crystal experts who had much more experience than I did.

The trust was that it was my very inexperience which allowed me to have such a deep connection with them. I hadn’t labelled them yet. I hadn’t formed any judgements yet. I was open to the stones as they were. It wasn’t until after I sought out the experts and read all the Crystal Healing books that I learned that I already had within me all that I needed in order to have very deep, transformative connections with the stones.

Crystal Teachers

That was when it became clear to me that the best teachers were the stones themselves. This is something that I had intuitively known for quite a while. And although I was ready to embrace that belief, I was not ready to speak it out loud. I was definitely not ready to state them publicly. It is one thing to believe something and a whole other thing to to tell the whole world. Baby steps. 

I was sharing the songs (messages) that came through personal connections with the Stone Beings, but I was not talking openly yet about my own personal ideas and beliefs which came from my experience with crystals. It would be a while yet before I trusted myself enough to advise others about connecting with crystals. 

Until then I still predominately displayed the metaphysical properties from “crystal experts”. And I’m not saying that these expert opinions are not true or valid. They come from a very real connection with the stone beings. I still love reading and sharing their descriptions. But they are just one very small part of what is there. They are singular perspectives which only skim the surface of a pool that runs very deep. They are a place to begin.

Then you want to go deeper

Having a connection with a stone being is not different than any relationship with any other being. You show different sides of yourself at different times and depending on who you are with. Your boss or coworker may describe you completely differently than your best friend or spouse. Your children may be surprised to discover aspects of your character they never knew about, because they had a very specific view of who you are based on their  relationship with you. Just as no two people are exactly alike, each of our relationships is unique. 

If you are open to seeing the stone beings are conscious beings, then it won’t be hard to imagine that each of them has their own unique personality. They will not reveal all of their many facets at one time. What they show you will depend on the relationship that develops between you. The best relationships happen through a type of magic that defies the mind’s linear reasonings.

The easy way

Sure it may seem to be easier to choose a stone based on the metaphysical qualities you find in a book. Though even that might become confusing if you look at more than one book––because they are not all saying the same things. But truly what could be easier than choosing the stone that you are most drawn to, regardless of whether the book you are referencing says that it matches with your astrological sign or that it will bring you the love or money you're wanting to manifest.

How can we be so open to the magic of the stone beings and yet be pulled into linear, logical reasons when choosing them and connecting with them! It is often easier to follow the book than to trust our own inner wisdom. We live in a world that conditions us not to trust ourselves––not for our basic material needs nor for our deepest physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We are taught to ignore our own inner knowings and seek out the experts. It doesn’t seem to phase us that these experts change their opinions on an hourly basis.

Beneath the Surface

We can seek out the Stone Beings for what they can do for us, for what they can heal in us or for what benefit they can bring to us. At the deepest level though, a true connection with the Stone Beings is about the relationship with them. It is about being with a wise soul who in their very presence supports us in seeing something beautiful within ourselves.

It is like the difference between being with someone for what they can do for you––or being with a close friend because you cherish their company. Both offer something that is sought in the moment. One heals on the surface while the other penetrates deep into our core and shifts our whole being. One is fleeting, the other long lasting.

It's a choice

There is no right or wrong here. There is no judgement. Especially from the Stone Beings. It is about choice. It is about what type of experience you wish to have.

What kind of relationship do you want to have with the crystalline ones?


Do you choose with trust?


Originally published March 25, 2011