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Do Stars Sing?

Before this question can be answered, there needs to be an understanding of what it means to say that Stars Sing.

When I speak of the crystals singing, I am speaking about how the stones speak to us. How they communicate. Their songs are their stories—their messages to us. They may not be audible to the human ear (though I’m sure there are life forms who can hear them—even if it is only the crystals themselves), but there is a sound playing.

Do they laugh?

So when I ask if Stars Sing, I’m asking if the stars speak to us. Do they, like the stone beings, also share stories and messages? Are they sentient? Do they feel? Do they laugh? Do they love?

I say yes.

Life is everywhere. Consciousness is everywhere. If something has consciousness, then there must be awareness. And if there is awareness, then at some level there is some form of communication happening. It may be just be thought. But thought is communication. It is an inner conversation.

So yes. I say Stars sing.

I say they are speaking to us at this very moment.

But even if you don’t buy into the idea that stars—or crystals, or trees or other forms of life who are not heard by humans—are conscious living beings, there is something that can’t be denied…

you are a star.

You may have heard the term made famous by many including astronomer Carl Sagan and folk singer Joni Mitchell…

“We are Stardust.”

But now there is science that proves this.

“Every atom of oxygen in our lungs, of carbon in our muscles, of calcium in our bones, of iron in our blood - was created inside a star before Earth was born.” 

It is magical enough to become aware of ourselves as stars, but there is untapped power in the stars. Energy that we can connect with in order to transform the heaviness that is accumulated while living a human existence.

Star Energy

There are many ways in which we can connect to the Stars. One of my favourite ways to tap into the Star energy is through water. Most of the water in the universe is created as a byproduct of star formation. Water and Stars are made of the same stuff. So really anytime we drink water, bathe or swim, we are connecting to the stars. Bringing awareness and intention to that, can be the spark that shifts the experience.

I connect to the star water everyday through a mystical elixir that are fittingly called Star Songs. Crystals and Angels are also part of this co-creation of Star Water. In all my years of working with energy, I don’t know that I have experienced anything more magical than these Star Songs. They offer their gifts in many ways. On a grand scale, they clear old toxic patterns and spark powerful soul level transformations; as a daily tonic they strengthen and harmonize my energy field; and they have helped ease me of physical pain more times than I can count, including instant relief from migraines and super quick recovery from bumps and bruises.

Actually, the other day, I banged my leg quite hard on a wooden stool. Hard enough that tears welled up. I looked at my leg and my whole inner calf was red. A bruise was inevitable. I spritzed my leg with a Star Song. I always keep some nearby in a special spray bottle. The pain eased immediately. Within minutes the redness had dissipated. And after another spritz or two, it was gone. You would never have known anything had happened and no bruise formed.

Your own Star Water

You can co-create your own star essence. It is super easy. Simply place a container of water outside or by the window. If you are placing it outside, make sure it is securely covered or it may be gone by morning. You may wish make a second one in an open container placed next to your sealed one as a gift for the neighbourhood wildlife or the faeries.

Then only other thing you need to do is ask the Stars to fill your water with their magical energy and then go to sleep. They will sing for you all night and when you wake up, you will have Star Water.

Do you now believe—or have you always believed—that stars sing?

If you do believe, the question I have for you is…

Do you sing to the stars?