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Do faeries live in crystals

Do magical beings, like faeries, dragons, angels, and other unseen entities live in crystals? That’s a question that came up recently from someone in the crystal community.

Their presence can, and is, definitely felt by those who know such things to exist. I have my own theory as to why we see them in the stone beings. That understanding is based on my many experiences with them.

I see crystals as conscious beings. Not only are they alive, but they are multidimensional—meaning they exist in multiple realities at one time. So yes, they interact with mystical creatures. In truth, they encounter all kinds of life forms. Those who know how can get glimpses of those realms, maybe even visit them.

Window into different dimensions

There are different ways through which it’s possible to interact with magical creatures through the stone beings. Sometimes the images of the otherworldly beings get imprinted into the crystal, allowing us to see their static form. Then there are opportunities where we can see them in real time—when a crystal opens up a window or a portal that let us see or travel into other dimensions of time/space. That would explain why in one moment we would see a faerie or mermaid and in the next the being would morph into an elephant or a penguin. And why we’re able to see creatures from so many different realms—including our own—inside the crystals.

I am reminded of an episode of Star Trek, The Next Generation where the crew found a deserted planet known to be inhabited by a race with the reputation of being conquerors of worlds. They were known as “demons of air and darkness”, because they were able to travel to distant planets without the use of starships, appearing out of thin air and disappearing just as mysteriously. Seeing this gateway open up, offering glimpses of different worlds between the pillars, reminded me of the interdimensional portals of crystals.

The fictional characters in this sci-fi fantasy were able to make the journeys between worlds using advanced technology. We need only a crystal and a pure heart.

A crystal and a pure heart

A pure heart is a must for a mystical journey. But what does that mean? What makes someone pure of heart?

The answer was given in the last post, “Crystal Coach to Neverland”, about awakening the inner child. It is only with the eyes of the child that those who otherwise remain unseen can become visible. That is what it is to be pure of heart—to see the world through the innocence and playfulness of childlike wonder. The child does not question what she sees. She doesn’t worry about what others will think. She sees with her heart, not with her head. She doesn’t consider statistics or probabilities. She doesn’t make judgements about what is being witnessed. She just sees what is there and believes what her eyes are telling her.

So that is what it means to be pure of heart. To be unconditionally trusting of the self. It always comes down to that. When you have a deep trust in yourself, then life really opens up. Then you will see things you never knew existed because your eyes will not be clouded by fear and doubt. You’ll see them because you’ll believe them when you see them. Because you believe in yourself.

That is why some people see the faeries and others don’t...

self trust

Developing our inner trust is something that we need to work at regularly because we’re constantly being told not to trust our own eyes and experiences.

There is always room to deepen trust. I’ve recently come into a practice that has allowed me to strengthen my inner faith. Doing that allowed me to see beyond the occassional glimpses into the magical realms. It began with seeing a faery. Then something even more magical happened. I saw a thousand faeries.

I swear I saw a faery

I saw a flash of light zipping by on the street. I knew it was a faery. At another time in my life I would have written this off to my imagination, a shadow from a bird, a cloud moving by the sun or whatever else my mind would conjure to keep me from my sacred sight. But I know better. I know that what I saw was a faery. The best thing about this deep inner trust is that it doesn’t matter to me if any other soul would believe that what I saw was real and true.

That opened me up to what would come next—some days later. I was on the porch doing a sacred grounding practice following my morning walk. When I was done and I opened my eyes. I saw the sky lit up with specs of light—glittering and dancing. I realized then that what I thought was a one time isolated chance encounter with a fae, was actually one of many faeries that are always there in the world just out of range of human vision.

Like rainbows!