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Do crystals have gender?


I remember when I had just rediscovered the stone beings (after having forgotten my childhood connection with them), a crystal healer, whom I greatly admired, referred to a crystal as "her" and "she". I was curious about this and I asked her how do you know that the crystal is feminine. She told me that it was a feeling. She just had a sense of whether a crystal was male or female.

Crystals were new to me at the time and I thought this was just something that only gifted people could do. It didn’t occur to me that I would be able to know the crystals at such a deep level. I wanted to. But I didn’t think this was something I could learn to do. I just assumed that you either had it or you didn’t and I didn’t.


The "it" factor

It turns out that I actually did “have it”. We all “have it”—that ability to notice subtle energies. We just forgot we knew how to do it. Or we do it without realizing or declaring it. No doubt, you’ve had the experience of knowing which one of your family members had entered the house or a room. Everyone has a certain unnamable presence about them that we pick up on with one of our “extra senses”.

Often times these moments of deep listening go unrecognized or are fluffed off as being a fluke. When we ignore our experiences, we lose trust in ourselves and that’s why we don’t believe that we have the gift to hear a crystal or sense its subtle characteristics.


They are They

Before I figured out how hear the song of the stones, I would randomly refer to crystals as he or she—without rhyme or reason. Of course, after I had developed a deeper inner trust, when I referred to a crystal as she, it was because I consciously felt a feminine presence from the crystals. In truth, I had been feeling it all along, I just needed a way for it to make sense to the mind—which is funny because randomly calling a crystal he/she actually makes less sense.

Most of the time I didn’t see the crystals as either masculine or feminine. I saw crystals as “they”—not because I was using gender neutral pronouns, but because I felt a collective presence. It didn’t matter if it was a single point or a cluster—I felt more than one presence there in the crystals. Sometimes the feminine or masculine is strong in a crystal, but often times I sense a “they-ness”.


Nonsensical makes more sense

So if you have been wanting to have a more personal connection with the crystals, but don’t yet trust your senses, you can bypass the doubts of the mind by making it a nonsensical playful exercise. Make it fun. Give yourself permission to not have to get it right. Though, as you learn to trust yourself, you’ll see how right you actually were.


So, do crystals have gender?

I believe they sometimes express themselves in ways that humans perceive as masculine or feminine.

So in that sense, yes they do.