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Did you know that the Crystals love you back?

Love …

Love is something that humans don’t just crave and want, it’s something we need. These are not just the words of a song or a poetic heart’s murmur. If we are not loved, we fail to thrive. Studies have shown that babies who do not receive the loving touch of a caregiver, have emotional and physical issues throughout their life. More distressingly … “Human babies actually die from lack of touch”.



I think that’s why so many of us human beings are animal lovers and pet owners. There is an instinctual pull towards that mutual, uncomplicated love between a person and their pet. Pet people don’t need proof of that, however “studies found that, overall, dog owners tend to live longer than non-owners. And they often recover better from major health events such as a heart attack or stroke, especially if they live alone.”



For some, the beauty and joy of plant life offers this same joyful feeling. These are the people who are open to the consciousness and affection that comes from trees and flowers. Any plant life really. They will dote on their green babies as enthusiastically as the most devoted dog person. They will feel this love back as deeply as they do from a human hug or a cat’s cuddle.



There are other emanations of love in this world. Ones that are even more subtle and harder to detect than plant kisses to tree huggers. That is those from the heart of the mineral kingdom. You may already feel a love for your crystals. You love their beauty, their form, their energy, the way they ground you and they way that they lift you up.

But did you know that crystals love you back?

Actually the stone beings love you period. It is not a conditional love where when you love them, they love you too. Or if you stop loving them, they will stop loving you. They just love you.

Feeling the love from Crystals takes deep trust in yourself. You have to be in touch with the feelings that come up for you—and not just the good ones, but the icky ones too. If opening yourself up to love meant just feeling the sweet warmth of this emotion, none of us would ever have any relationship issues. We must feel the full spectrum of this “crazy thing called love” and that means the dark side of mooning over a love lost.

Do you know what love is?

You also need to know what unconditional love feels like or you won’t recognize crystal love even if it swoops in like a tidal wave and you are neck deep in it. The stone beings can ease you into this deeper dive into the highest spectrum of love. They will take you slowly into that ocean, inch by inch until you are swimming joyfully in your emotions.

Until it's true

You begin by doing what comes naturally … enjoying their presence and the comfort of their soothing energy until you find yourself loving them and trusting that they love you back. Then remain in that trust until the truth of this love is undeniable.