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Danburite-Calcite Fairy Crystal Co-creation Song

There is within each of you two voices vying to be heard, neither of them willing to surrender to the other.

The truth is the one you struggle against is only yourself.  It is you with whom you fight.  It is you who you try to defeat; and you win and you lose both at the same time.

It is time now to cease the struggle.  It is time now to end the battle.  When you end the battle within yourself …. there will be an end to those struggles outside of yourself.

The first human being was androgynous …. neither masculine nor feminine, but the beauty of all that either encompasses in complete wholeness.  You were separated only in form.  You are still that first being holding all the qualities that you now covet and fight against.

Look to us to see something forgotten within yourself.  Truly see us and you will see yourself.  We have a gift for you.  We can show you how to embrace the beauty of all of who you are.  You will see that you can share your stage [and in so doing] shine like the brightest star in the universe.  For then, you will be shining from all places.  There will be no being who will not sparkle and shine as a reflection of you.

Begin with us.  We will show you.  Look at your sparkle shining out from us.

We are with you.


© Song of Stones