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Cupid’s Ehro

There are some crystals who touch you in a way that is unforgettable. Bustamite is one of those stones for me. You don't notice it at first. It is so subtle in the way it sneaks into your heart ... but once you feel that presence, you know that you never again want to be without that beautifully loving energy. Once you experience it you NEVER forget it.

We have our ideas and opinions as to what beauty looks like. Bustamite is what beauty feels like.

Inner Star

Bustamite is not a flashy stone. It does not need to be center stage and can offer its loving support to to those of us who feel lost in the shadows, afraid to light our way from within. But we do have that light within and Bustamite makes sure that we feel it.

That inner STAR may not be in center stage. She may not need to be. That doesn't mean she isn't as powerful a light as those who shine outwardly. Bustamite comes to affirm that ... to celebrate us wherever we stand on the stage of life. Bustamite reminds us that ALL roles are leading roles and ALL OF US ARE STARS.


Bustamite is divinely feminine.

She is the maiden energy…the energy, the passion, the desire, the excitement of new discovery.

She is the mother energy…the unconditional love, the tireless nurturing, the strength and power that makes you feel safe and to know that after all that comes, it will be ok.

She is the grandmother energy…the warmth, the feeling of home, the one who cheers us on with a loyalty that will not falter, the wise one who always has the answers.

She is all that and all the rest of what the feminine is.

Unique Personality

This is only one fragment of the energy Bustamite holds. Much has been written about it in crystal books. But if you really want to know her, ask her to show you her magic and she will. Remember that each one has their own unique personality.

As an example, this is Ehro (pictured above). As well as emanating all the qualities of Bustumite, he radiates his shimmery light in pointed focus towards the heart, much like Cupid’s Arrows. He comes into your life to help you to find your soul mate. He would also make a great partner for a matchmaker.

You can see this with your own crystals. Hold a couple of the same type of stone in your hand and notice their unique personality. If you have not looked at the crystals in this way before, it might take a minute to tune into their individuality.