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Crystals with Cracks

During my years of working with the stone people, there have been times where I’m asked for crystals that are “pristine” and free from cracks or chips or inclusions for focussing energy. It seems especially important for the point of the crystal to be nick free in order to direct energy for healing work. I understand this and if a pristine point is what is being called for, that is what should be used. However, just for fun, let’s look at whether it is possible for a crystal with a chipped or cracked or even a completely broken point for that matter, to do the same thing – to be able to direct energy for the purpose of healing.

What I share here is my own perspective and which is likely quite different than “mainstream metaphysical thought”. It is based on my own experiences with the crystals. I encourage you to keep an open mind when listening to what I have to say BUT to know that this is one opinion and ultimately you should trust your wonderfully wise higher self above all others.

To begin with, I ask you to consider for a moment that crystals are conscious living beings. If you can be open to seeing past what some might consider limitations in humans perhaps we can, at least for a moment, see that same concept in connection with the crystalline people. For instance, it’s easy to conclude that if someone broke their leg, they may not be able to run a marathon. But then we see  people do amazing things with what others see as limitations. Ask Terry Fox if not having both legs stopped him from running a cross country marathon.

So taking that into consideration, our question of whether a broken crystal can focus energy for healing, might be refined to …

Would an injury (healed or not) affect a conscious being from doing the same things that an uninjured one can do?

Of course, this is going to depend on your perspective, as injuries can easily be seen as limitations. So keeping with the possibility that crystals are conscious beings like us, let’s first ask if a human being can project light/energy/love in a focussed way if they themselves have (or have ever had) an injury. From what I’ve seen in my limited time and space in this incarnation, it’s those who have been the most broken and risen up from the physical and emotional rubble of those ruins who are the greatest healers.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”―Rumi

I don’t believe that to be any different when it comes to the stone beings. These crystals, are often the ones who burst with rainbows and sparkle with the reflection of multiple new terminations. These resilient beings are EXPERTS at focussing energy and mending their wounds. They are expert self healers. That’s BECAUSE of their injuries – not despite them.

“Sometimes singed wings will fly with greater purpose.”―Tom Althouse

Injuries put our bodies into healing mode. They spark our bodies natural regenerative abilities. So if I was wanting to assist my body in its healing, I would actually purposefully reach for the crystals that are masters at it. I would want the guidance and expertise of ones with firsthand experience.

So can a crystal with cracks or chips – be it at their point or otherwise – offer something to lightworkers in their healing practice? I say yes. However, I suggest that you try working with both the self healed and the pristine crystals and see for yourself. At the very least, you’ll have an enlightening experience. At best, you’ll discover something magical about the stone beings that will shift the way you see things – and maybe even your practice.

If you really want to see the magic of the stone beings, we can go a little deeper still. We can go past the physical bodies of both healer and patient and into the essence of all beings. We’re speaking here of energy work and at our true essence we ARE energy (spirit if you will). ALL is energy. If we can begin to remember who we truly are, then we can move past trying to focus energy in a controlled way and instead allow something more organic to flow between healer and crystal; and then between patient and healer. If you can do that, even in the most minute way – think mustard seed sized faith moving mountains – you can take your practice into a whole other dimension.

“With me, illusions are bound to be shattered.
I am here to shatter all illusions.
Yes, it will irritate you, it will annoy you –
that’s my way of functioning and working.
I will sabotage you from your very roots!
Unless you are totally destroyed as a mind,
there is no hope for you.”
― Osho



Originally published October 29, 2015