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Crystals need healing too

At our last live Crystal Blessing Meditation, a message that was received sparked a beautiful conversation:

Crystals heal us...but do we heal them too?

Crystal Healing

The words crystals and healing are synonymous. When we think about crystals, we think about healing. We think about their healing energy. We think about rose quartz for love, amethyst for spirituality, citrine for wealth, carnelian for creativity, moonstone for feminine energy, black tourmaline for protection. We open and balance our chakras with crystals. We shield our bodies and grid our homes with crystals.

We may remember that diamonds are used for drilling, that lasers are made with rubies, that watches are made with quartz and computers must have that silicon crystal to work. But that’s likely not where our thoughts go when we hear the word crystal. We’re more likely thinking of their metaphysical role as healers.

Even the sceptics feel it

It’s very natural to think think of these beautiful beings as healers. Even before we feel the magic of their gentle and loving energy we sense their subtle power. I’ve seen the most sceptical people soften when I put a crystal in their hands.

That’s why I loved the question that came up in our live crystal zoom...

What do we have to offer them?

Can we—do we—heal crystals?

What is our role in this relationship? 

And it is a relationship. When we work with the crystals, we enter into relationship with them. It is a mutual, co-creation. Whether we see the crystals as tools or as living conscious beings, it is a 2 way connection.

We might not consider that we have something to offer them too. That our presence and connection makes a difference to them. That we heal them.

Crystal Cleanse

Sure we bathe them in sunlight and moonlight, we take them to the river, we bury them in salt or in the earth to cleanse them before they heal us or to recharge them after they’ve been used for healing.

But do we heal them?

I suppose we would have to ask what healing is.

Talking to life

I have noticed that when I talk to the Universe, it always answers. When I speak to the earth, to the trees, to the plants, they respond. When I chat with animals, they answer (it could be a dog, cat, squirrel, or an insect).

Life responds to life.

I believe, true healing can only emerge from this kind of relationship. In that sense, my answer to the question would be, yes. They can heal us. We can heal them. The extent of the power of that healing depends on the depth of our relationship with the crystals.

What do you think?

I invite you to explore this question for yourself. In the process something amazing will happen. You will learn something about yourself. Knowing the self is the seat of the grandest transformations. That is what I see “healing” to be. It is why crystals are such powerful healers. Because they are the purest reflectors. They let us see ourselves in a space of unconditional love and acceptance.