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Crystals in Dreams

I was lazing in bed this morning, too comfortable to get up. I told myself I’d do some of my work while I lay there. I had been looking for a topic for this month’s blog and I asked for inspiration. I drifted off to sleep, into a dream...

I was outside. It was a beautiful day … blue skies … fresh air.

There was a water tap outside and I began to wash my hands. I noticed that growing all over my palms on both my hands were beautiful white crystals (calcite I believe).

I was amazed at these crystals on my hands. I was showing the people I encountered outside … look at these crystals on my hands … look at this incredible sight … but no one else seemed to notice or to be interested.

I found it quite surprising that the others didn’t see the magic here. So I gave up the idea that anyone other than me would be blown away by this wondrous event.

I continued with my morning regimen and went to wash my hands and as I did the crystals fell off.


When I woke up I knew I had the topic for today’s blog. What is it they say … ask and you shall received. I thanked the Universe. I “washed” up again, this time awake, and then came right down to the computer to record this blog entry.

What does it mean?

So what does this mean? What does it mean when crystals show up in our dreams? The thing about dreams is that Calcite crystals showing up in my dream may be about something completely different than if they showed up in someone else’s dream. Such is the way of dreams. 

This is true in the waking state too. I can be drawn to a Calcite Crystal and it can help me in remembering a dream for instance; and Mimi can be drawn to the same Calcite crystal, only for her the crystal works on a relationship issue.  Whether awake or asleep, we are each unique beings having a unique experience.

Speaking Symbolically

It could also be that the Calcite Crystals in the dream are symbolic and have nothing to do with actual “CRYSTALS”. It so happened that someone had called me the night of my dream to ask me to recommend a homeopathic remedy to help with fever. Calcite (calcium carbonate) is an oft used homeopathic remedy and it is known to help with fever. This dream could have been a remedy dream, but that doesn't mean it didn't hold other messages. Dreams, like waking life, are multi-layered. The messages the Universe sends us often have multiple meanings.

It can also work in the reverse. Crystals can show up in our dream as something else. I once had a dream about 13 live snakes that had gotten loose in my crystal room. I later discovered that the dream was really about 13 snakeskin agate stones who were singing of something quite profound. It did not occur to me at the time that the snakes in my dreams were crystals communicating with me.

Metaphysical Meanings

There are many books that offer metaphysical meanings of Crystals and there are dream dictionaries that offer interpretations. They may hold relevant information and there may be a message there for us. For instance, I looked up the metaphysical meaning of Calcite and what I found was very relevant to something that I’m exploring in my life at this moment:

Calcite releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure, and is an energy amplifier.  It is said to help the mind and body to remember:  The, mind to remember information brought to bear during astral travel and channeling experiences;  the body, to remember the state of perfection during dis-ease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness.

Calcite’s most important lesson is the “art of being”.  Its true significance cannot be grasped by the mind.  It extends beyond linear mental association and into the realm of true knowing.  When attuning to and working with Calcite, it is best to simply be with it, allowing yourself to become clear and open.

The parts about how Calcite helps us to “remember” was very significant to me because this was something I was intentionally working on at the time. Reading this part in the book made me feel as if the Universe was sending me a little “reminder” that I had help. The Universe is always helping. It's only a matter of "remembering" that.

Although you can gain much by looking up messages in books, there is something more powerful that you can do...get your message directly from the dream or the crystal. You do that by spending time in stillness, in deep listening.

A Simple Question

A simple way to do this is to simply ask the dream or the crystal what it is here to show you and then trust that you will hear the answer––that somehow the universe will find a way to make the meaning clear to you. It may be something quite different than you’ll find any any book and it will be profoundly more meaningful. 

Crystals themselves can help you to "remember" your dreams and to hear the messages that your dreams, the crystals, or the Universe are sending to you (to me they are all the same thing).



Originally Posted July 31, 2013