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Crystals: Dead or Alive?

Are crystals inanimate objects or living beings ... and if they are alive, how alive are they?

This is what I think ...

Crystals are magical beings. They are one of the Universe’s greatest gifts. They carry the wisdom of all the ages and the most mystical secrets. They are, like much of the universe’s magic, hidden in plain sight. We can have them on our lands, in our homes and in our very hands and remain oblivious to the true treasure we have at our fingers.

Our geologists use them to inform us of our earth’s history. Our scientists use them to clock time, focus light for lasers, record information and in making computers. Light workers use them for healing, protection and to access deeper states of consciousness. With all that they offer us, we have only scratched the surface of their gifts.

We have not yet discovered them as teachers of wisdom, of reflectors of Divine light and makers of magic. We have not yet truly come to see them as conscious beings—and not just having consciousness but being sentient equals. Seeing as we do not even treat each other as equals, it might be a while before we can accept other beings in our universe as conscious, let alone put them at our level.

Crystals and Computers

Look at it this way ...

Imagine having a computer that is capable of instantly connecting you to information from around the world but only using a couple of its basic functions. With this machine you can communicate with people anywhere on the plant and yet you use it only to play simple games and type up documents. Then you discover the search engine and now you can access information and entertainment from around the world.

As you get more adept at using this tool, you come to realize the importance of the questions you input. You see that the way you word your query is key to how the computer responds. It will only give you what you ask for, and even then you can miss out on key bits of data if you don’t use the right words in your search.

If you know enough about computers, you will be able to enter through the back door and gain entry to the hidden corridors of cyber space and the internet's deepest secrets. There are many levels that become possible to reach if we are aware of their existence and we know the right passwords that grant us access.

Real or Imagined?

This is how it is with the crystals. They can show us how to travel to realms of existence that are hidden from even the most initiated. They can show us how to awaken an inner power and magic that we believed exists only in our imaginations.

Some do know them the Stone Beings to be conscious co-creators. Those crystal whisperers may even give voice to their messages. However, most still use them as tools of physics or metaphysics. That alone is no small thing.

The basic level is still pretty good

At the most basic level crystals can bring into our lives, the harmonious energies of peacefulness, help us to get grounded, take us into deeper states of meditation, and share their soothing vibes—to say the least. We can choose to go deeper if we wish but even their simple gifts are pretty magical.