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Crystal Web

Freeing yourself from the trap you don’t even know you’re in.

A spider dropped down in front me the other night. Hanging from an invisible strand of strong silk, seemingly floating in mid air, this tiny creature and I were face to face. It was a little startling but more so, I was fascinated by her. She reminded me of a pair of crystals I’d been planning to talk to you about.

Frequency of Freedom

The first was a natural citrine quartz cluster who told me that they were here to offer the light frequency of freedom to those who needed to extricate themselves from a cult. Dramatic and extreme yes, but bear with me. As I tell you this story, it might be more relevant to you than you might first think.

I was not expecting the next crystal to sing in the same frequency as the golden cluster. Besides their both being of a golden tone, there was nothing very similar about them. After I took a magnifying glass to the Copal Crystal, I found a spider. A golden spider! Then the connection became more clear.

Spiders are masters at the trap. Few who get tangled in their web are able to escape. Now this master of the trap is herself trapped—encased in golden glass for all time. It perfectly understandable why these two stones were humming in harmony.

The Crystal for 2023

Copal showed up at the beginning of 2023 to support those us in coping with collective trauma (Copal = cope-all). This glowing amber beauty also shared a song about keeping true to who we are:

“With everything outside the self, it is easy to loose touch with the truth of who you are. And while it is beneficial to explore the many possibilities of what life can be, it is important to check in with yourself to make sure you haven’t become lost to your truth.

The human being can easily take the shape of what is around it. It is easier to allow oneself to become moulded to the current surroundings rather than purposefully taking your true form. That is why it is so important to choose with thoughtfulness, where you place roots and who you spend your time with.”

While we may not be trapped in a cult, human beings are easily indoctrinated into a lifestyle or belief (religious, political, or even social) that has us suppressing our wants and needs in order to fit in and out of fear of being cancelled.

But we’ve got these golden beings...the citrine, the Copal and the spider to wake us up to situations which are disempowering and show us how to keep from losing our voice.

A thousand births

I don’t think I realized just how important spider was in all of this until this morning. I got a late start to my morning tree bathing in a nearby wood lot that I call “The Forest”. I noticed a branch on one of the trees that was shimmering. It looked like it was covered in plastic wrap. I went in for a closer look. What I saw took my breath away. The whole branch was covered in what looked like tiny white spheres—eggs? There were hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

I stood there, fascinated, curious about what they were. Then some of them started moving—or were they all moving. I saw little legs. Were they spiders? Then one floated down towards the ground and I had my answer. It moved the same way as the spider who dropped in on me earlier this week.

Getting to witness this was a blessing and I knew that it was no coincidence. I was taken back to one of my favourite childhood stories, Charlotte’s Web. I remembered Charlotte putting all her energy into creating her egg sac and when she was done, she died. But then hundreds, if not thousands, of babies were born.

How is this connected to being extricated from a cult?

The 8 connection

I had this strong inspiration to stop in the middle of writing this to take photos of these cult crystals. (The Copal dropped in the process and now there are 3 crystals). When I loaded them onto the computer, I saw that there were 88 photos. The 8 so significant to Spider—the 8 legs, the figure 8 shape of the body. The number showing up twice as if to accentuate spider’s presence and purpose.

Maybe that was what it was all about—bringing awareness to spider’s significance. Interestingly, I have been pondering my own value in a group I am a part of. Maybe whether we have importance and influence in our circle/group/society is the way to gauge whether we are being supported and valued or controlled and manipulated.

If you are feeling stuck in a life that you did not intentionally choose, reach out to this magical trio...Citrine, Copal, Spider to tap into the frequency of freedom.