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Crystal Trinity-the power of 3

Three has always been a mystical number. Our world is of three dimensions held together by the past, present and future. Three is the sacred geometrical form of the Vesica Piscis. Two circles come together and at their intersection is the Mandorla, the beginning of the seed of life. Three is creative in many ways. When the feminine and masculine energies come together, they create life. The 3 primary colours are the source from which the entire rainbow springs.

There’s so much magic in the three. Especially when you invite crystals to journey into the mystery with you. 

Here are 3 ways connect to the mystical trinity with crystals:


Sometimes crystals cluster together in groups of 3—like the blue dragon triad who shared a magical message under the energies of January’s full moon. With their very form, triple crystals become a gateway into this sacred geometry. Take them into meditation and ask them to reveal their secrets.

Circle of 3

Another way to connect to this magical number with crystals is to work with three crystals together. A circle of 3. When those 3 crystals come together in a magical way or for a specific purpose like some of the mystically guided crystal trios at song of stones it can be an especially powerful experience. When gathering your triad. Choose crystals that harmonize in such a way that when they are together the whole energy in the room shifts—your energy shifts.

3 Dimensional Crystals

If you want to go deeper into the magic of 3, seek out the 3-D crystals. Like Blue Amber or Vivianite. These are the stone beings which are a union of two separate colours, both of which can be seen in the one crystal. The blue Amber looks deep blue at first but then when it is held up in the light the golden tone is revealed. With Vivianite the two colours are more obvious. It just needs to be turned just so. The magic of three happens when you shine a black light onto these stones and a completely different Colour emerges. They fluoresce.

Keep it simple

Don’t get so caught up in the mystery of this number that you set the magic outside of your reach. Make it simple. And the simplest way to connect with the power of three is with a single crystal, a single desire and yourself. These three elements are all you really need for creating with crystals. With just that you will experience the magic and power of 3 for yourself.

Begin with that. Every day…

hold yourself in sacred presence;

hold your Crystal in the sacred space of your body temple; and

hold your desire in the sacred light of awareness.


There is so much power in this simple act.