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Crystal Spring

Beneath the surface of the earth, hidden from our sense of sight, there is movement. Deep, powerful movement. The frozen ground hides that fluid motion so we remain unaware of all that is happening right beneath our feet. But this is a world of creation and something is always happening. Something is always being born and something is always dying. The most creative periods happen in the quiet and darkness of the winter season.

Then Spring arrives and we begin to see the creation emerge. The sun feels closer, even though it has never been farther away. The temperature rises. The snow melts. The ground thaws. Seemingly overnight, the earth turns from white to green. It is beautiful to witness. Spring brings an awakening of that which has been gestating beneath the surface all winter. Things unseen on the surface and beneath even our awareness.

We are transforming together

All this appears to be happening outside ourselves, but it is not. The earth is not undergoing this change in isolation, separate from us or any of her creatures—the people, the animals, the plant life, the crystalline ones. We are all emerging into spring together. We are all transforming together.

If we are conscious of our connection to the planet, we begin to feel an emergence. There may be a restlessness—cravings—urges. Now we clean. We make space for what will become visible. What will sprout. Depending on what was in the process of creation, a deep cleanse might be needed to make space for our creations to bloom.

The birds, the bees and the crystals

Like us, crystals are also undergoing a shift into the rhythm of this new energy. In the midst of our nesting ritual, we may be drawn to crystals we hadn’t thought of in a long time. We may find ourselves moving crystals to new places or bringing stone circles (grids) together in new ways. And we might find old crystal friends offering new messages and gifts.

The fresh energies of the stones can be easy to miss if we are stuck to old ideas of who the crystals are—or who we are for that matter. Like the earth, we are constantly changing and transforming. All living beings are. How we connect to our crystals and ourselves will be changing and transforming too.

Crystals for Spring

As we witness the changes to the earth, she invites us to look within to see ourselves and what we have become or are becoming. She sends guides to offer a true reflection. Guides come in many forms. The crystalline ones have this unique ability to offer us a pure reflection of ourselves, in a gentle and loving way.

Here are some of the crystals that are singing for us this spring:


Copal is our crystal of the year. It will offer its energetic gifts in many ways through each of the season of the year. Copal is a master of transition and can help us soften into the season, accepting and adjusting to what’s new with ease and grace.


Healerite offers the fresh green energy of the season. They are just telling me now that they can show us how to connect with the life that is being birthed all around us, so that we can then be more aware of and in tune with our own creations.

Pink Calcite

Pink Calcite connects us to our inner child. “It is like a new born star-child who is just getting acclimated to the earth and must be treated with attuned and sensitive care.” It’s a beautiful stone being to offer support in seasonal transition as well as to help us to open up our awareness to the sensations and gifts of the experience.