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Crystal Solstice

How to celebrate solstice with the stone beings.

The Summer Solstice is a very special and powerful time. In the northern hemisphere It happens when the North Pole is at its maximum tilt towards the sun, receiving the most light of any day of the year and sitting at its highest point in the noonday sky.

It is an important day across the planet, guiding farmers, marking a seasonal change, and holding the most light of any day of the year. For some it is a sacred day, full of magic, and rich with beautiful customs and rituals.

Cycles and Alignments

The solstice is a time to connect with earth cycles and celestial alignments. It also offers the opening to connect on a more personal level with the cycles of our bodies—our inner cycles. Inviting in the possibility of grand personal transformation.

We can celebrate this day and tap into its power with the magic of crystals.

This solstice, an Epic Green Earth Council Crystal was singing for us. These crystals came here long ago. They are one of those powerfully transformative stones who wake something up in me that’s ancient, primal and indescribable.

A strong resistance to these crystals

When I first met them, they elicited quite a reaction from me. A strong resistance. I wanted them gone. I couldn’t get far enough away from them, and it couldn’t happen soon enough. I got in touch with my supplier and let him know I’d be sending them back. He said, “no problem”. As I was wrapping them up to send back, one of them was speaking to me. It was lovely. I would keep that one. I started to wrap the next one. It too was special and would stay here. This happened with the next several crystals after which I realized that I would not be sending any of them back. Not only that, but I got back in touch with my supplier and asked him to send the rest of them home to me.

When a crystal evokes such a powerful response in us, it is sure to hold great medicine. I would come to find that these “epic green” crystals were here to offer wisdom and light to those humans who are called to actively participate in the environmental re-balancing of the earth.

Solstice Crystal

Now one of them was singing for us on the Solstice day. And while this green being shares wisdom about the environment of the earth, it also asks us to look at the ecosystem that is our body.

And at this time where the earth is shifting into a new season, this quartz crystal is inviting us to reflect and reevaluate our plan for the next season in our life. To see if we are cultivating the right conditions and giving ourselves the proper nutrients to grow that vision.

Magic happens

Magical things happen when we respond to the pull of a stone being. Let me take you through my journey with this crystal and perhaps its messages will be yours as well or you may be inspired to journey into the magic of sacred earth alignments with a crystal of your own.

First comes the song. A silent sound that I’ve learned to listen to. It has a magnetic pull that I can’t ignore. This subtle sensation captures my attention. I stop what I’m doing and allow the crystal to guide me to it. The next thing I know, it’s in my hand.

Record Keepers

Then I sit with this beautiful being and take in its form. As I was looking at this sparkling one—the first thing I noticed were the record keepers. Both kinds of the triangular glyphs (raised and recessed) were scattered around the crystal.

Record Keepers hold the wisdom and secrets of the earth and its inhabitants. They can also show you how to tap into your personal stories—the things you have hidden away and forgotten about and the ones you didn’t even know you had. With that information, we can learn things about our soul’s purpose. Perhaps even what that purpose is.


Then I saw the crack on the other side—caused, no doubt, by an earth shift that created a fracture. When looking at it from one side, it seemed as if the crystal would break but this crevice did not penetrate through to the other side. If you flipped it around, it was solid. It was stronger than it looked.

This is a hint to us of our own inner strength. We are also stronger than we look. A break(s) on the inside does not make us less strong overall. This crystal can show us how to hold in that strength during the unexpected shakes and shifts that inevitably happen.

Glitters like sand in the Sun

Looking at side with the crack, you could see that at some point during the dramatic shift, this crystal was broken open. The whole side glittered like sand in the sun, from the hundreds (if not thousands) of tiny baby crystals which had begun to grow over the wound like skin over a cut The extreme sparkle that resulted was striking. Crystals such as these, are called “self-healed”, but I know them as “Star Child” crystals.

While I was talking about and trying to show this sparkly side of the crystal during a YouTube video recording, I noticed that near the break was another scrape, making an X. And what I heard was...

X marks the spot

Of course, beneath that X lay hidden treasure.

When you zoom out and look at the crystal as a whole, you see that it looks like a foot—a cast of a foot, actually. As an earth council crystal, it seems likely that we are being asked to look at our carbon footprint. But there is something deeper here—at least in this Solstice stone.

How do you sparkle?

This crystal is inviting us to dig into our hidden personal archive, open ourselves up and let our sparkle be revealed. As we are shifting from one season to the next, on our earth, so too is there an opening to that within our lives. We are being invited into a deeper, fuller expression of our soul’s purpose.

That was the message of our epic green Summer Solstice celebration. When we look forward to the next season, what mark do we wish to make in the sand. How grand do we want the sparkle we leave behind to be.