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Crystal Rose

Mother energy...

She is soft and comforting.

She is inviting, accepting and unconditionally loving.

She is immeasurably patient, consistently selfless, passionately encouraging and always forgiving.

She has a deep, wisdom that holds the answers to even the seemingly impossible problems, knowing the exact right words to ease the anxiety.

She is the bringer of food and maker of medicine, satiating your hunger and healing your ills.

There is no sacrifice too great, no journey she will not take for you.

The Quintessential Mother

This is the ideal vision of motherhood. Of course we don’t all experience that. It is a lot for any one person to live up to. However we all have access to this energy—all of it. It lives right in our very own hearts.

Carrying Creation

That was the message of the beautiful Carrying Creation Oregon Opal who was singing so vibrantly and insistently this Mother’s Day morning.

It makes so much sense as you see the story unfolding in the imagery naturally embedded in this magical stone being. As you see the mother holding a child as she journies through the mountains. A triangle, symbolizing an arrow guiding her way. The balance of masculine and feminine energy. The turtle who symbolizes ancient wisdom and the shelter that she carries with her—that she is.

The stone itself adds to the story. A beautifully structured masculine matrix, the colour of the earth, opaque. Balanced by the translucent gel—the opal—a crystalized mystical, mysterious, milky, watery substance that it encompasses.

Mother is a harmonious blend of strength and softness. That is what this crystal embodies. That is what we seek out in our matriarchal influences. We search for that ideal mother energy outside, not realizing that we’ve been carrying it all along, like the woman carrying the child in the Opal stone.

But how do we remember? And even if we do how do we access it?

99% of the Journey

It’s really very simple. Well first of all awareness takes us 80% if not 99% of the way there. The rest—that small journey into the mother’s heart within—takes the most of our strength and energy. Not because it’s hard but because we can’t let go of the old belief pattern that tells us who a mother should be and that this motherly love can only be found in one place.

So how do we break the pattern?

There are many ways, but I love to turn to the crystals when shifting paradigms. They are not only masters of motherly love but they can show us how to tune into the mother energy within our own hearts.

There are 2 that came forward today...

Crystal Rose

Deep rich gemmy Rhodonite crystals were singing for us. It was pretty perfect given that their name comes from the Greek Rhodon, meaning Rose and roses are traditionally given as gifts to moms on their day.

Mother Love from the Earth

Then I head the song of Chrysocolla tumbles from Peru. This stone, which so richly reflects the colours of the our earth—first mother—is an ideal guide into that Divine feminine energy.

More Crystal Mother Energy

Pink Fluorite is a beautiful guide into the Divine Feminine energy.

Copal is our crystal of the year. She is a healer and sealer of open wounds. She is mother medicine.

Celestite takes you deep into the heart. This is the crystal who taught me that blue crystals do not belong exclusively to the throat chakra center.

“When I first held a Celestite crystal in my hand, I was immediately drawn to holding it at my heart. Celestite helped me to allow my deepest feelings to surface ... to feel them no matter how painful and to be open to receiving support. Its soft, gentle, supporting energy shows me so clearly my worth and my greatness. I was amazed that such a cool colour can have such a 'heart' warming effect.”

All the things that a mother does.

So when you are looking for some of that nurturing, divine Gaia-ic energy, tune into it from within. Invite a crystal in to help you remember that part of yourself.