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Crystal Moon Bear

Once a month we gather together for a deep connection with a crystal, to receive a personal message and experience their transformational energy. It only takes a few minutes of sitting in stillness with a stone being to tap into this blissful state. Going into this magical space together with other crystal loving souls brings added depth to the experience.

People bring their own crystals to the meditation and I always have one there, for the group and for anyone who might not have a crystal with them. At our recent gathering this past week I brought along a lovely quartz crystal bear.

A Crystal Bear was Singing

I came upon the bear while I was busy putting away the Amber Syrup Star Song stones. They always come out when I’m shifting through flu symptoms. The crystal elixir had done it’s magic—as it always does—and I was feeling more myself. While my hands were busy with that, a crystal started singing. The next thing I knew I had the crystal bear in my hands. He was going to join us for our monthly meditation.

Then I remembered the story I read the night before about the Crescent Moon Bear (from Women who run with Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes). It was about a woman whose husband had just returned from many years of fighting a war. He was filled with rage, refusing to come into the house and rejecting any food or comfort his wife tried to offer. The woman went to a healer to ask for help for her husband. This medicine woman sent her on a journey high up into the mountains to pluck a hair from the white crescent moon shaped patch of fur on the bear who lived at the top.

Reaching the Top

The woman set out on her quest, climbing over giant boulders, travelling through a thick forest, clothes torn from the thorns of flowers, hands scraped from rocks, frightening animals along the way, the darkness, the cold and wet from the snow, tired and hungry from the climb and then having to face the bear.

Successful, she brought the pure white hair to the healer, filled with the pride of such an accomplishment. The healer acknowledged her effort, took the magic strand of hair and threw it into the fire. The woman was shocked and dismayed. The healer soothed her by reminding her of all that she had learned on the journey and that she could use her new understanding in her relationship with her husband. The hair was just a symbol. The real magic came through the experience.

This was deeply personal

There was so much depth and wisdom in the exploration of this story in this brilliant book, but as I held this little quartz bear, something else dawned on me—something deeply personal.

This story was speaking to me about the times when I am engaged in a battle between my heart and mind—the creative and the intellectual—the magic and the mundane. Hiding the parts of the self that is wild and creative is something that many of us highly sensitive souls do as an instinctive method of self protection. Holding all that power inside can certainly lead to a revolt—like the husband in the story who refused food and comfort or even to come back home.

We can come to a point where denying our creative expression and the truth of our soul is no longer an option. Going back into battle with the conflicting sides of ourselves, no longer a choice. The war must end.

The deepest, wildest truth

Taking that journey of self exploration and coming face to face with the terrifying creature at the pinnacle, brings us face to face with the deepest, wildest part of who we are. The truth. The magic.

There was something else in this book that sparkled for me. I discovered that male bears often impregnate the females before going into hibernation, but the seeds do not come together until just that right moment so that mama bear awakens as her babies are ready to be born.

This was new to me

Bear has been my spirit guide for many, many years so I have explored this majestic creature in depth. Yet this was new to me. This wild, yet ordered rhythm of life reveals the brilliance and perfection of the natural world. All this happens without any need for control and without trying.

The wild ways of bear is also beautiful echo of the magic that we create when we are sleeping—literally or metaphorically. We are not always aware of all that is coming into creation during those times when we appear to be unproductive—sleeping, resting, healing, or in limbo. Those times can be (and usually are) incredibly productive times.

A symbol of a spirit guide

In a journey of self exploration, it can be helpful to have a physical symbol of our spirit guides. The stone beings can help with that. We can choose crystals that are shaped into animal forms. But we can also find our guides reflected in natural shapes, inclusions and colouring that bring to mind, often quite vividly, our animal or other spirit guide. Magical crystals such as these always show up when they are most needed.

Look closely when a crystal starts singing. You might just find a magical guide looking up at you.