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Crystal Mirror

Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

People have asked that fairy tale question since the beginnings of civilization.

The Mirror doesn't lie

We look to the mirror for the truth of who we are but then we may wish for it to lie to us. The reflection can’t lie, so we are left with our harsh judgements...

The conspicuous birthmark; the strand of hair that won’t stay down; the crooked teeth; the hunched shoulders; the scar; the flabby, floppy skin; the stretch mark or it’s precursor, the bulge; and then there is the body shape that doesn’t fill in off the rack clothing in any of the right places.

Mirrors are everywhere

Mirrors once predominately hung on the walls of our most intimate and private places. Modern technology has allowed us to turn our devices into mirrors. Now they’re everywhere. The cameras, once used to capture snapshots of the outside world, are now flipped and used to see our reflections—only if we don’t like what we see, we can change them with a filter.

As unhappy as we are with what we see, we are obsessed with our reflections and we always were. The very first mirrors were found in the ancient, Neolithic settlement of Ҫatalhöyük, built more than 9,000 years ago and believed to be the first human city. They were made of crystal. Volcanic glass actually—Obsidian.

True reflection

Honed and polished Obsidian offers a beautiful reflection of the body. This crystal does something very similar on the metaphysical level. It allows us to see ourselves as we are, in a very truthful way, BUT without judgement! This non-judgement is not so much about appreciating the perfection of our imperfections. In a sense, that is still a judgement. It is about looking at things as they truly are without seeing them as being either good or bad. This is what Obsidian does.

Obsidian mirrors are still made, except not for the purpose of showing us who we are, but of who we will be. They are used for gazing, much like seers do with crystal balls. As well as scrying, people also carry this stone being for protection, for comfort during mourning, and as mentioned In a recent post, for cutting etheric ties and clearing old patterns.

Before you ask

So before you ask the question...Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all...reach out for a piece of Obsidian to deflect the critical stare and be able to appreciate your body as it is, with full acceptance.


Image: WikiCommons; John Dee's Aztec Scrying Mirror by roseandsigil