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Crystal Fall

We just moved through the Autumnal Equinox, which is when the sun is directly over the earth’s equator. It is said to be the day of equal night and day. It’s actually not exactly “equal” due of the way we measure the length of the day but it’s close enough.

Portals to the inbetween places

This sacred earth alignment opens up doorways to the inbetween places—the realms of the nature beings and portals to the heavens. We can feel the presence of faeries and elves and angels and orbs and other magical beings more powerfully (or connect more easily) at this time.

We may also be feeling things more deeply in our body and emotions. When the planet shifts, our bodies shift because we are not separate from our earth mother. At some level, we sense the changes that happen on our planet—both subtle and grand.

Feeling the Earth in our bodies

If we become disconnected from our bodies or don’t take the time to check in to how we’re feeling, we might not notice those changes, at least not on a conscious level. And truthfully, we can get by just fine. That’s because we live in a time where information about earth shifts, weather, moon cycles, planetary alignments and anything else we want to know about the planet, comes directly to us via our devices. So we don’t need to pay such close attention.

Life’s much too busy to take the time needed to feel all the feels. Besides, not all the feels are comfortable. The transition between seasons is enough to deal with. Especially the transition from summer to fall.

Shock and Awe

Autumn is offers the most beautiful transition with its show of colour and the blanket of soft fallen leaves that’s so pleasant to walk on. But it can be the most shocking to the body. I wonder if the Universe showers us with rich jewel tones to take some of the sting out of the drastic temperature change.

Crystals Fall

Something very magical happened here with some crystals who were singing as the equinox was approaching. It started when I had this sudden impulse to search for a crystal that had been missing for some time. As I was rummaging through the crystals, I lifted up a jar of Lithium Quartz that seemed too light for the amount of crystals it was holding.

What happened was that the jar had broken—in an unusual way I might add—so that I was picking up 3/4 of the jar, leaving behind the bottom piece and the crystals spilled out the side onto the table. The thick solid mason jar had been in a cabinet, untouched, and there was no reason for it to break. Even if it had been bumped by one of the other jars nearby, it should not have broken that way. It looked like the jar had been scored all the way around, though unevenly, and the two pieces came apart.

I didn’t have time to ponder this mystery. I put the crystals in a fresh jar, threw away the 2 pieces and continued on with the day.

It must be magic

A couple of days later, as the solstice was beginning, I listened for some stones to share with the crystal community. There were several volunteers. I was carrying a couple of jars up the stairs to photograph them by the big picture window. I tripped and fell and the jar with Black Tourmaline crystals flew up in the air and landed on the floor with a thud.

You’d expect a shattered mess of lots of glass and crystals to clean up right


What happened was this jar broke in very much the same way as the jar of Lithium Crystals broke a couple days earlier. Two pieces. Scored all the way around, in a jagged way. Similar proportions. Now I was really paying attention.

A pocket of peace

I had to get to a meeting so I went on with the day. At the meeting we did a short guided meditation, which was interrupted by the Lithium and Tourmaline crystals telling me that they are coming together to guide us through the transition into fall. They said that when we feel the dissonance of energetic noise around us, we can hold one of them in each hand and they would create a bubble of quiet, peaceful energy for us to shelter in.

Click play to hear the full story and see these magical crystals and the broken jar.


I will be pairing the crystals in harmonically matched duets and offering them, at a special discounted fee, to the crystal community through the Sunday Sparkle newsletter. I don’t know if this message of theirs applies only to these specific crystals or if the energetic bubble of peacefulness will be created with any pair of Lithium and Black Tourmaline crystals. I invite you to try it out and please let me know what you discover.

Many blessings for a beautiful transition into the fall.