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Crystal Earth - The energy of 2024

Almost a year ago, I received a vision. It was a vision of an earth reimagined. I saw soft, blue skies, clear, sparkling waters, lush forests, a land teeming with life of all sorts, living together with ease and grace. It felt very natural and very right.

This was not hopeful, thinking. This was the Earth talking to me, showing me how it could be could be. It took until now for me to be able to fully understand and convey this vision.

A call to imagine

The Earth is calling to us. Calling on us. We are being asked to step up—to step in to the fullest potential for our planet.

This is not the Earth asking for help. It is the Earth showing us how we can help ourselves. The earth has always been fine and she will always be fine. There have been many who have called her home and I imagine there will be many more.

So far every human civilization on this earth has failed. And we will too—if we continue the way we have been. Hoarding resources. Fighting for absolute power. Wars, enslavement, conditioning the masses through fear and lies. None of this has ever worked. If we don’t destroy our habitat, we will destroy each other.

What will work

What will work is unity. Not just with each other but with all species. Not as conquerors. Not even as stewards. But as partners.

We can reimagine a new earth. We can reimagine a new version of humanity. It doesn’t even have to be that hard. We can do what the caterpillar does before she transforms. Imagine a different possibility.


As I shared in a recent post,

There is nothing in the slow moving, land bound caterpillar that would offer any clue that it would be encasing itself in a silken tomb, melting into a puddle of goo and reemerging as a graceful, winged, beauty.

While the caterpillar is in her chrysalis, dormant “imaginal cells” (their actual scientific name) which hold the design for her destiny begin to awaken. At first the caterpillar resists and fights against the imaginal cells. So they begin to cluster together, becoming stronger with each new bond. The body of the caterpillar dissolves and she becomes the butterfly.”

We can do this too. We can cluster together and imagine a different reality. The energy of the time will support and boost the power of that vision, now more than ever before.

The energy of 2024

The energy of the last couple of years has been about community and creative collaboration. This year the frequency of unity has accelerated and expanded. We are being invited into a collaboration with the earth herself. The earth and all her living inhabitants.

I have begun to reimagine our earth as she could be. I imagine the human collective as we could be. I invite you to join me in this practice of imaginality. Once a month. A live gathering of creative hearts imagining a crystal earth—recreating paradise.

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