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Crystal Colour Essences

This month I’m inspired to speak of colour.  There are many, many, many ways to connect with colour, each as beautiful as the next.  The stone beings offer a wonderful way to explore colour.  They hold some of the most unique and magnificent colours in all of creation.  They come into presence with colour in such a pure and open space, that connecting to a colour through crystals is just about as close as you can get to connecting with pure, true colour.  That has been my experience, but don’t take my word for it … I invite you to explore that for yourself and feel free to share your experiences of that exploration with us here on this blog or on the Song of Stones website.

I have recently been exploring colour more deeply through a colour course that I am taking.  One of the exercises in that course was making colour water.  I was astonished at the results of that exercise. I was guided to pour some of the water over a rash that I’d had for many months and which had become increasingly itchy and inflamed.  Now I want you to know that water had been the thing that was aggravating the rash so it was a surprise that I was guided to pour water onto it.  Not only that, but the colour I was guided to make was Red, which is also known to aggravate rashes.  The books warn against using red water for on rashes.  The next day the rash had eased greatly and continued to feel less itchy and become smaller with each passing day.  It did flare up again a couple times, but each time another dipping into the colour water eased it.  Actually in repeating the use of the colour water, I noticed something.  I saw that even during the process of making the water – before it was ready and before I touched it, I was already feeling the the rash begin to ease.  That’s the nature of vibrational essences though.

Through my play with the colour water, I felt somehow that there was a connection to the crystals, though I don’t know if I realized how strong that connection was.  It was quite subtle at first.  It wasn’t until they crystals woke me from my sleep with a powerful message and beautiful image, that I truly heard their message … that was to co-create Crystal Colour Essences with this Colour water.  That’s what I’ve been doing.

The stones inspired me to share the story of my experience with the Crystals and Colours with you.  Now, as I write these words, they are inspiring me again … to invite you to share your own experiences with Crystals and Colours here with us.  To make this more fun, they offer up a gift.  Each person who shares something about Crystals and Colours here in this blog, will be entered in a draw to receive a Crystal Colour Essence as a gift, to be sent out with your next order.  The Draw will be held on May 14th and I’ll accept all entries received from now until May 13th.