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Crystal Coach to Neverland

I woke up this morning with no idea of what I was going to write. I thought it was going to be another one of those “work until midnight”, struggling every step to find the right words…to offer something of value or at least of interest. I surrendered and went out for my morning walk, hoping for some inspiration. It came from, of all places, a puppy on a walk with his human.

It wasn’t clear who was walking who, only that the furry critter was constantly changing directions dragging the human forwards, then back, then forward, then back. This puppy was huge. Bigger than most grown dogs in the neighbourhood. Yet I knew instantly, from quite a distance, that this giant was a baby.

Innocent Moves

There is a certain energy that a young life has. A way of carrying themselves. A wide-eyed fascination with everything. An innocence, and vitality that is present in that state of youthfulness, which adult humans covet.

They see colour and texture everywhere, getting lost in imaginative worlds, never tiring of hearing the same stories over and over, giggling at rain dropping on their skin, gasping at the swift motion of a bird swooping down so close their hair gets brushed by the breeze, falling back into the force of the wind with full trust that they will be carried, staring in awe at the sunrise even though they’ve seen this happen 2,983 times before.

They can cry and wail as if the world is ending and in a nanosecond come out of that state into full belly laughter. They can fall and feel the full pain of the blow then instantly step out of the shock and rise up to continue on their way without missing a step. They can lose all track of time yet somehow know exactly when dinner is being served. They fight with a fierceness of a mother bear but in an instant forget all their anger and return to playing joyfully with one another.

The Inner Child

But here’s the thing…we all carry that energy inside us. We call it the inner child, creativity, nirvana, zen, presence. It’s the state we strive to reach when meditating. There are many names for it but it’s really all the same energy. It’s the point of interconnectedness with all of life. Crystals live in that state and I’m convinced that’s the real reason we are so drawn to them.

So here we are envious of this thing that we already have. Crazy right?

Fortunately, we can get that childlike wonder back. We have all surely experienced moments of playful bliss. Those glimpses of that sacred self are sometimes sparked by a puppy (any baby being actually), the peaceful sound of a gurgling spring, a full moon, fantastical dreams, and most especially during moments of creativity. But how do we stay there while continuing to live an adult life. That is the trick.

Grow up!

Connecting to our inner child means reconnecting to a part of ourselves that we’ve not only forgotten but we’ve denied even exists. This is understandable seeing that it gets drummed out of us each time someone says…

Grow up.

Act your age.

Stop daydreaming and focus.

This is no time to play.

And a hundred other condemnations of our inner child.

We are taught to grow up from our first breath. Getting the young self to surface might take some coaxing. We’ve ignored this part for so long that they’ve stopped speaking to us. It’s worth the effort though, because when we reconnect, we get in touch with our deepest desires and our creative brilliance. It is through our inner child that we have access to Divine intuition. In that state of balance and harmony, life gets a whole lot easier and ton more fun.

How to coax out the kid in you

There are lots of ways that we can begin to find connection with our inner child. Being out in nature is one. The younger self can emerge during a hike in the woods, a swim in wild water or when climbing a mountain. However, after burying them so deep, you’ll likely need to take it a little further.

Talk to plants and hug the trees. Make a crown of flowers. Do the wonder woman twirl and fall into the meadow. Canonball into the lake and splash around. Throw away your silverware and eat with your hands. Slurp your spaghetti and make bubbles in your drink. Ditch the protein and potatoes for veggie sticks dipped in chocolate pudding. Skip down the street without stepping on any cracks. Speak in your secret made up language. Make a magic wand with an ordinary branch.

Do whatever makes you giggle and glow.


If you need a little help bringing out that inner child, crystals are wondrous guides on the journey back to Neverland. They are from there. Any crystal can potentially take you back to your inner child. Ironically, your inner child is the one who will best know which crystals to free the inner child.

Here are a free suggestions to get you started:

Manifestation crystals, singing wands, red galaxies, fairy stones and fairy quartz, rainbow crystals, scribal stones, dragon crystals, Danburite, Celestite, pink calcite, and of course Inner Child Crystals.

The transformation begins the moment you pick up a crystal and open your heart.