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Crystal Clear


In this world of duality, everything is about communication.

We were once at the level of being able to hear and understand the world without language – and we are slowly moving back towards that state of existence. But for now, we must find ways to communicate with each other. That’s been a challenge for many of us – especially the light workers/guides among us – perhaps because we live more in the sensations and spirit of the heart than we do in the logic and order of the mind – which is where modern language originates. For us communicating clearly what is in our hearts can often be a challenge.

It is very frustrating to us when we can’t communicate what is in our hearts. We don’t feel heard. We don’t feel understood. Think about how you feel when you are speaking to someone who doesn’t understand your language or when you lose your voice and can’t speak. Even if you’re able to write down what you want to say, it takes so much more time and effort that much goes unsaid.

We feel lost when we can’t communicate.



Our relationships with family and friends are about communication.  In order to hold a job, we need to communicate.  If we want to buy something, we need to communicate.  To learn, we need to communicate.  To receive help and to help others, we must communicate.  Our well being depends on communication.  There are many ways to communicate and we must sometimes be creative in how we choose to convey our messages.  What is certain is that the clearer we can communicate, the smoother things go for us.


Several groups of crystals came forward to help guide us towards clearer communication. One of these crystals introduced themselves to me in a dream as a wheelbarrow shaped crystal.  In the dream, I was having a conversation with a friend who lived in another country.  My friend was at home but she was also right there in the room with me. I was seeing a life-sized projection of her – like a holographic image. It was as if she was there with me in the room.  I would later come to see that these crystals would be sharing a very special and powerful gift that was connected to this magical conversation I had with my friend.


These dazzling ones, who led me to them in such a wondrous and creative way, call themselves the STARbeam Crystals. They are a type of Angel Wing Calcite Crystal who are completely covered in a very sparkly druse. The STARbeam Crystals came forward to co-create this month’s Star Song.  I have had many profound experiences with Star Songs, but this one was one of the most powerful and most beautiful yet. I was in a state of bliss all day – a state of fearlessness.  I’ve experienced that state before and it is one I’ve been striving to return to and ideally to stay in always.  The really powerful moment came that night on my walk.  It was a simple walk on an ordinary route I take almost everyday around my neighbourhood. But that night the walk was different … because I was different.  My consciousness had shifted.  I was acutely aware of the abundance of life and LIGHT all around me – and that life and light was aware of me.  It was a MUTUAL interconnectedness.  It was very powerful.  It was a gift from these magical ones.


 The STARbeam Crystals invite you to experience their vibrational essence through their Star Song.  My experience with them and the message they shared will be there at that link.  Several groups of crystals have also come forward to share their gift in relationship to communication … the Star Flower Crystals, the Tibetan 25, Mammoth Ivory Fossils have been singing and the Takanuta Turquoise stones have joined in this song of clarity.  When you’re ready, they’re here to guide you towards a level of true and honest communication that is CRYSTAL CLEAR.  The Tibetan 25 Crystals shared a very special message about communication.  Details for how to receive this gift will be in this month’s newsletter which will be released shortly.