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Coral Song

Everything has beauty and grace and flows in perfect harmony

– if we would only see that. 

I learned this wonderful lesson from a beautiful red coral being.  As I held her, I could feel the flow of ocean moving in synchronicity with all of her inhabitants – all dancing together to the beat and the current.  As the Coral swayed – sustenance was brought to her and she consumed it (without losing a beat) while continuing to sway – the sustenance filling her with a tingling sensation and a new strength to continue her dance.

If she were to resist the flow and fight the current – she would not receive the sustenance that is flowing in her direction and she would not be strengthened.

Coral came to me to show me how to …

“flow gracefully through my existence,

supported by my momentum and the energy around me”

We often tend to resist life – resist the flow.  We want to be in control – we want to be behind the wheel and steer in the direction we choose.  The Coral beings can help us to find peace in the realization that this flow which sometimes steers us of our intended path is Divine guidance.  This Divine direction helps us stay on the purest path towards our destiny.  When life feels like a struggle, if we feel that we can’t catch a break or are missing opportunities, when everything feels difficult, that is a good clue that we are resisting this flow  If we can let go of the resistance and move in synchronicity with what is, things may feel easier and more joyful.