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Cleansing Crystals

The energy of this summer, for me, has been about clearing and cleansing. A LOT of cleansing – both INSIDE AND OUT. My sense is that I’m not the only one experiencing this energy. It feels very much like a universal thing…the image that came to me was of that old detergent commercial with the TORNADO…I see it sweeping across our earth and stirring up a lot of dust and debris but leaving us sparkling clean when it’s done.

With this on my mind, I thought I’d take this opportunity to speak of CLEANSING in connection with the crystals. My perspective is a little different than mainstream (and yes the metaphysical world has its own MAINSTREAM thoughts). Now I’m not trying to sway the way you think…I simply offer my view which is based on my own experience with the stones. I encourage you to discover what’s true for you--ideally with your own direct experience with the stones.

Bathing Crystals

While metaphysical “mainstream” principles often have us cleansing both ourselves and our crystals from negative energies--I see things a little differently. I don’t necessarily do things differently, but the why is very different. You see, I may place crystals in sunlight or bathe them in moonlight. I may run them under water or burrow them in salt. I may place them on quartz plates or shungite tiles or together with other crystals. I may blow breath on them or play music for them. I may employ any one of these well known clearing/cleansing techniques utilized by many of us in spirit circles. The difference for me is purpose and intention.

Crystals do carry and hold vibrational energies. Like us, they have memory. But what they do most brilliantly is reflect. They show us what we most need to see. Often times it’s not something we want to see and not something we will easily allow ourselves to look at. So the negative vibes we pick up from our crystals may be a reflection of our own resistance to the feelings that this crystalline being stirs up within us. We feel uncomfortable with those energies and the crystal and so we feel the need to cleanse and/or clear them. Sometimes the feelings the crystal evokes is so powerful that cleansing is not enough--we want them gone.

New perspective 

Cleansing is a lovely thing and can be a most powerful ritual. But it may better serve you in a purpose different than what you might currently believe. From a different point of perspective, you may discover even more benefit from the act than you currently attain. This act may bring out and allow you to release issues that have been deeply buried and long forgotten. Doing that can free you from much pain on all levels of your being. It’s worth enduring the initial reaction your crystal friend stirs up. Such cleansing can also work to create or strengthen a bond between you and your crystal friend.

Our level of awareness and our belief system can dramatically alter our experience with the crystals. This is something you can discover for yourself. Try changing your intention when you connect with the crystals and see if you notice a difference.

Changing your viewpoint can change the outcome of your cleansing ritual. Decide whether you are going to see this crystal as holding negative energy that needs to be cleared or cleansed before it can serve your needs; or if you are wanting to connect with this crystal as a conscious and wise being. It’s important to know that one experience is not better than another--just different. The crystals are very loving and accepting beings and they will join you in your methods and motives quite openly.

A personal experience 

You may choose to perform your cleansing ritual with the belief that there is something “negative” in the crystals that needs to be removed. You may well feel the crystal release the negative energies you’re wanting to be rid of. Afterwards you may be able to work with it without discomfort. That may be the experience you’re looking for from your crystal at this time--and so that will be the perfect thing for you to do. It is important for you to understand that this experience carries the vibration of fear--fear that something in the crystal can cause you harm. You may feel that the ritual eases those fears but be aware it’s fear that creates the need for the ritual to begin with.

Alternatively, you may choose to trust that the energies you are sensing within your crystal have purpose beyond the darkness that you feel from it. If you are able to see the crystal as whole, complete and perfect as it is, then you will likely emerge from your cleansing ritual with great insight into what it was that you were feeling from the crystal. You may find greater understanding of the energies you were sensing from your crystalline guide. When you open up your heart and allow yourself to see what is there, the gift that you will receive will be powerfully transformative.

The potential in you

Through time spent with the stones, I’ve come to see that as conscious beings, they, like us, have the ability to shift the energies in their own sphere of existence without any assistance. If you see that, then you will realize something about yourself that you may not have been aware of. Something that has the potential to offer you a wondrous gift.


Originally published August 31, 2015