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Citrine Cathedral Lightbrary Song

Accept what you see … what is truly there.  Wonder at it … marvel at it … then accept it.

It is far more incredulous that we accept what we expect.   Our expectations veil the truth of what is there … reality.  What we’ve come to know as reality is really a grand illusion.  It is orchestrated by us and for us to keep us in a place of 3 dimensionality and to keep our sense of separateness and our individuality.

This separateness – some call it ego – has allowed us to play the game (we came here to play); but we’ve become lost in it.  Now we are approaching the last spaces of the game and its getting more interesting again.  We’re able to see things from this place that we hadn’t noticed before … for some the rules are changing … for some the rules are breaking … and some see that there are no rules.

The spaces which once held us bound in limitations are still the same, but we’ve expanded beyond them.  We’ve come to know that we are more than the forms we animate in movement around the spaces of the game we play.  We are coming to know ourselves … we are coming to trust this knowing … we are coming home.

…. and home is where we’ve always been.

So when we look deep in the places that now seem larger than the physical ‘space’ they occupy, we can understand the truth of this.  We can accept what we see.  We can know that is is not the space that has expanded but US … our knowing … our understanding … our SELF … the true “I”, beyond what we came to know as the I … which was ego having such a great time playing the game that it didn’t want it to end … it didn’t want to end; and not realizing it was part of something grander … something more spectacular … something greater and more fun, it was afraid (afraid of death – of the end of the game).

Look deep inside us and remember that you are beyond the space that holds your physical self.  Then look deep within yourself and see what is truly there … not what you’ve seen all along … not what you expect to see, but see yourself in all your grandness.  And then you can begin to play the game in a way never before imagined … you will see the boundaries dissolve.

Where you once had to wait your turn, you will see that it is always your turn.  Where you once rolled the dice and moved the number of spaces the dice dictated, now you will move wherever you wish to go, in as many or as few moves as you wish.  Where you once inched your way across the spaces, now you fly.  Where you once moved across a predesigned background, now you will design your setting and it can change with your will.

Where once you thought you were playing the game, now you know that YOU are the game, the player, the board and all the pieces.

Now it is time for the fun to begin.


© Song of Stones 2008