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Caimans, Crocs and Crystals

It is so wondrous how sometimes completely different crystals come together to make magic and share messages. I want to share with you an experience of how the crystals speak to us in creative ways. 

Earlier in the week, I showed you some very beautiful ocean jasper stones. One of these beautiful stones offered an energetic gift and beautiful experiential wisdom about our breath and the interconnectedness of the entire universe. This wisdom was given to me in the moment and is a perfect example of how tuning into the vibrations of the stone beings can lead to deep and powerful spiritual shifts. Afterwards I realized why this particular stone - a stone with a fairy riding an angel riding a dragon - was the one to share this wisdom. This stone held the energies of 3 different realms together in one space. They show us how to take ourselves out of isolation and into unison. (You can receive that crystal blessing through our Facebook, IGTV or Youtube channels)

There was another of these ocean jasper stones that caught my attention. That one was naturally imprinted with a young girl beside a caiman. I was so intrigued by it and I set it aside to connect more deeply with it another time.

Later that week I was inspired to move some crystals around. I didn’t know it at the time but a soul journey stone was singing. As sometimes happens when these stones sing, a hundred crystals must move in order for me to find the one. While I was transferring some golden opals from one jar into another, that “one” was shimmering and humming and made its presence known. I picked it up and saw a cavern of tiny crystals sandwiched inside the centre. It looked like a crocodile’s mouth. This opal stone reminded me of the caiman crystal. I knew that it was not a coincidence that these two very different crystals had such a similar connection.

I became still and asked this question out to the Universe and the Crystals:

What magical purpose was there for the caiman and croc to show up through these crystals. What message do they have for us.

The answer came quite quickly …


These ancient, powerful beings can be still for hours. So still that they do not even appear to be alive. Through them we can learn how to bring presence and stillness into our life.

I heard their silent voices as this message was echoed again to me last night in a moment of frustration. I had to make a quick decision about a household repair. I could have acted impulsively out of impatience or I could stop for a moment, become still and listen for the answer. Inspired by the ancient water beings, I took a moment to get still and listen for the answer despite the pressure I was feeling to make a choice. Pressure has a powerful push that compels us to act without checking in to see what we need and what the best choice for us is.

After this all came through I took a moment to let it all sink in and let out a nice big sigh of completion. That was when I realized that the caiman and crocs have a connection to the dragon that showed up in the other ocean jasper stone. I also noticed 2 sweet penguins in the croc stone which connected back to the Orca Agates that I also recently introduced you to.

So this is what I wanted to show you today … how completely different crystals can share an unexpected connection to each other - and that connection is always purposeful and always holds a message for you. The crystals are always singing to us and if we pay attention we will see these magical links and synchronicities. It’s important that we trust the connections that we receive. It can sometimes seem too crazy or too much of a stretch but that’s how magic is. There’s always room for us to doubt and question - otherwise it wouldn’t be so wondrous. It’s because these things are preposterous that make them magical. And it’s the power of choosing to believe anyway that brings more magic in.

magical blessings dear ones