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Bowing down in Service

I usually walk with my head bowed down, looking towards the earth. I thought it was a habit from when I was a child and I was always searching for crystals. I suppose I am still looking for them. One morning when I was walking through my neighbourhood in my usual downward facing stance, I felt a gentle energy pulling up my chin and telling me that I’m to walk with my head held high from this point forward and not to bow my head down any longer.

I heard …

There is no one I am indentured to any longer.
I am no one’s servant.
I am no longer a slave.

They were powerful words that brought forth a new realization about a belief that is deeply ingrained in us - especially those of us in spiritual circles. These words that the Universe was whispering to my heart helped me to understand why I always resisted the concept, “being of service”. It helped me to gain a new clarity as to why I don’t believe the light guides - or any of us - are are here for that purpose.


If the Universe was formed by an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent being surely there is a grander purpose for this magnificent creation than to serve at another’s pleasure. The Universe certainly can’t need for us to be of service in order to manifest their magic in the world. And being of Divine Light and unconditional love, I’m feeling that the Universe would want nothing more for us than joyful existence.

So no … I don’t believe that we are here to be “of service” to the Universe. I believe we are here to create together with the Universe. This is what I have been discovering through my journeys into the deepest spaces of my being … that my “work” here is to be me. My “Divine purpose” is to be the purest, clearest, most authentic expression of myself - whatever that happens to be. In sharing our unique gifts out into the world, we may find ourselves helping or healing others; but I imagine that the Universe wants us to share our gifts - not out of a sense of duty - but out of the sheer joy of creative expression.

To serve vs. to joyfully create bring up very different images in the imagination because they are different energies. To be clear, self fulfillment and joyful creation is not the same as being selfish. That energy of pure joy comes from a state of love. When you are in a state of love, then you will naturally have a positive effect on others - much more so than if you were to help others out of a sense of duty and obligation because you believe it is the right thing to do.


If you’re wondering how this is connected to crystals it is a magical story. Not too long ago, my dear friend Amanda Jane McKay asked me if I would be open to listening to the song of a pair of special Watermelon Tourmaline crystals to share with her community. Amanda’s watermelon tourmaline spoke to us of acceptance.

They said …

“You are a snowflake. Your existence here is for you and you alone. When you realize this, then you will find the acceptance you so longingly crave - and not just from yourself. Because then you will realize that this is your connection to every other human being on this earth.”

(You can listen to the rest of these crystals’ song in my interview with Amanda)

The message that came through these magical crystals was connected to this subject of being of service only I didn’t realize it until I happened across a post Amanda had written about this very thing. It is not unusual for sensitive spirits to simultaneously tap into the same topics. We’re all connected and we tend to pick up on the energetic tone of the current mood of our communities. However I was sensing that there was something more here - that we had both been tuning into the song of these Tourmaline crystals and going deeper into their message.

As I began to ponder the connection between what these crystals shared and the subject of service, I realized that there is something in watermelon tourmaline’s physical form that reflects this. There is a very attractive quality in the harmony of two colours coming together in one crystal. I’ve noticed how drawn people are to this stone over tourmaline crystals that are all one colour. I saw that we are only able to experience the beauty of this merging of colours because each of the individual colours of the watermelon tourmaline is pure and true to its expression and so together they create a gorgeous harmony of colours.


If we expand on the imagery of the snowflake from the song we will see that each one has its own signature pattern. When you look at an individual snowflake you see a form that has never been seen before and one that will never be here again. They fall from the sky as separate individuals and then they come together to create a striking soft white blanket. You no longer see the single snowflake … you see only the whole. Every single snowflake honours its own unique, pretty pattern - and that is why you see harmony in their collective expression.

In each nanosecond of existence, new unique patterns are created. Each one is there in that moment and then forever gone. Your unique individual expression is a large part of that creative manifestation. The truer you are to your unique expression, the more harmony there will be in the world. Because it’s only when you are vibrating in your pure frequency that you will match the harmonic of the whole symphony. That harmony does not come about by “being of service” to others. It comes about when you are simply being. It comes from joyfully living your truth. So it is when you honour your true creative self, that you will most honour the whole universe.


Imagine what the world would look like if we were all existing in a state of joy rather acting from the duty of “being of service”.

It would be magnificent.

Enjoy life … in joy.


NOTE: When I imported in image of Stehla, the picture was sideways - it was bowing down. When I published the post, the picture straightened up. I love when the Universe shows its magic.