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Arrow for Focus

Crystals have been showing up at this time in the shape of an arrow … they come at a time when the teaching of focus is strong on my life.  Focus to maintain balance.  Its interesting that in order to maintain a wholeness … a balance, that we need to have a strong focus.  These are after all two opposite concepts.  Or are they?  In my practice of daily meditative movement, I have come to see that these 2 concepts are rather opposite ends of the same spectrum and in finding our way to the middle we will find true balance and wholeness … by keeping both our focus and wholeness in our days.

Life is movement … there are constant shifts happening … sometimes the movements come quickly and are chaotic; or they may be subtle shifts, appearing to us as stillness or stagnation; and sometimes we may even appear to be moving backwards.  So if we are to maintain a balance, we need to be constantly adjusting to the shifts … moving with them.  It is when we resist these shifts, that we experience stress and pain in our lives.

Lets look at this practically.  How we move through our days will affect how we feel.  If we hold ourselves in an uncomfortable position, we will experience stress on our muscles and end up with sore backs or necks.  It may have been a very comfortable position at one time, but as it became less comfortable, we did not pay attention, we were distracted and we ended up in pain.  I believe this concept is the same within our emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

We can look to the shape of the arrow to show us this teaching.  The arrow is wider at one end and pointed on the other, in order to get to our intended target.  Without the weight and width of the base (the balance), the point could not be.  If we do not maintain this point (the focus), we will veer of course … eventually we may get to where we intended, but it will take longer and it may be a more difficult journey.

These crystals come to me right now to remind me to maintain my focus … to remember those things that are important … to remember to move with purpose, yet flexibility … to remember that  I have a purpose … to notice the shifts and flow easily and effortlessly with them … to see that when I try to grasp too tightly to something, that it might be a distraction from this purpose … that I might be resisting the natural flow … resisting the shifts that will keep me in balance.


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