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Are you worthy of the Stone Beings?

Just recently I had two people express their concerns about stones that were lost or damaged. They both contacted me within a few days of each other so I knew that there was something here that was calling for my attention. When 2 different people, from different parts of the world are echoing the same thing within a few days of each other, then I listen closely because I know that the Universe is speaking to me. It’s also quite likely that others are feeling this way too. It may even be an indication of a current shift in the Universal pattern/archetype.

The crystals in our care

The issue was that these very loving and light filled souls were concerned about damage that happened to crystals in their care. They worried that they had done something wrong and that’s why the crystals broke or were lost. They felt the high honour of a connection with the stone beings and I suspect that they were questioning whether they were worthy of that honour. This is a common concern among us light guides. We are very aware of the wisdom and power of those of the crystalline realm. Many, especially the super sensitive of us, worry about “doing harm” to our stone friends or misusing their power. We so want to do the right thing but it’s not always clear what that is.

So many of us have felt the haunting doubts of our worthiness as stone guardians and light guides. However, we’re so overwhelmed with what everyone else is feeling, that we don’t always know what we’re feeling ourselves. So take a moment to check in and see if what we’re speaking of here is true for you. If it is, then you can take comfort in knowing that you are not alone in those fears and doubts. Allow yourself to be open to the possibility that there’s no truth to the silent whispers of your inner critic. If, on the other hand, you have found a way to make peace with your empathic abilities and are clear that they are a gift and not a threat, then you can be a comfort to other light guides who are wavering in their faith.

Taking blame

Before I get into this “sensitive” topic, I want to say right off, and in no uncertain terms …

when a crystal breaks or is lost … YOU ARE NOT TO BLAME.

I want to say, and I need you to hear me,

YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WORTHY of the honour of a connection with the Stone Beings.

I’m going to say this again because it’s very important that you really hear it.

You are NOT AT FAULT. YOU ARE WORTHY of the stones.

Do you hear that?

NOTE: This probably goes without saying but let’s say it anyway. We’re not speaking here of purposeful and careless disregard of the crystals. Those who are reading this blog, no doubt have a love and respect of the crystalline realm and would not intentionally be disrespectful of the stones; but we say it to be clear.

Good … whew! Now we can get into it.

Crystal resilience 

Crystals are much stronger and more resilient than we sometimes believe. As conscious beings, they can affect their path. Those of you who’ve had experience with the crystals have likely seen evidence of that. If you’ve worked with the crystals, it’s highly likely that you’ve unintentionally dropped or dinged them. I’m asking that you trust that you have not truly caused any harm to them.

Ponder this … why is it that the softest crystals can be flung across a room and end up fully intact without a scratch and sometimes the hardest crystals will come apart in our hands with barely a touch?

If a stone has broken, does that mean they lose their mojo? We humans tend to seek out perfection of form. If a crystal was a tool, then when it is broken it can be seen as being unusable and replaced with another. However, if you can see the crystals as conscious beings, then a break means a change in appearance but not a change in the spirit of the stone being.

When a person breaks a leg, we slap on a cast and the mending begins. The injured person has not lost anything of themselves. Neither do the crystals. In fact often times when we are broken, be it of body or of spirit, we emerge stronger, wiser and more resilient. It is the same with the beings of stone.

A childhood companion 

We get very attached to our crystal companions. When one disappears and is lost, it can cause us great sadness. Let me share a story with you. When I was a child I had a powerful connection with a particular stone being. I took it everywhere with me. One day I absentmindedly left it in a common area and it was thrown away. I was devastated. Looking back, I think that’s when I gave up my connection to the stone beings.  

I realize now that on some level I may have felt at fault for the stone being discarded or unworthy of even having a crystal companion. One of the natural defense mechanisms of us humans when we experience pain and loss is to cut ourselves off–to separate ourselves–and that’s what I did. I cut myself off from the crystalline ones. It wasn’t until much later–well into my adult life–that I reconnected with the stone beings.

Of course I see now that there is purpose in all things. There was purpose to that stone disappearing, there was purpose in my separating myself from them and there was purpose to my re-connection with them. Through my time spent with the stone beings since I rediscovered them, I have come to see that truly there was never any separation at all. 

I’ve always been connected to the stones, though there were times I didn’t realize it. In fact, sometimes the bond between beings is strongest when they are not sharing the same physical space. That’s because the mind has preconceived ideas and judgements that it can’t see past. When the physical form is not there, the true essence is more easily perceived.

A Crystal’s purpose

So when a crystal breaks or disappears, it’s not a reflection on you. It doesn’t mean that you’re not worthy or you’re not supposed to work with the stones altogether. These loving beings are not rejecting you when they disappear. In fact, they may be allowing you to experience a deeper connection with them than when they were physically present. Also, the crystals have a path and a purpose that is their own, separate from their connection with us. That separation or break may be part of a purpose that we may not be aware of. One that has nothing to do with us.

Sometimes though, when there are several incidences of such loss, we may begin to doubt whether we are supposed to continue working/playing/interacting with the stone beings. If you are feeling that the losses mean that you should not be connecting with the stones, please see that this is not at all true.

Again, let’s look at the stones as conscious beings and relate them to our personal human connections. People come and go into our lives all the time. It is the nature of our physical reality. When we lose someone we love out of our lives, it is painful and we feel sad. This does not mean we should end all of the relationships in our lives.

If, however, you are feeling guided to stop or put a hold on your work with the Stone Beings, then you must trust that. You need no justification, or logical reasoning, or approval to follow the guidance of your heart; and ONLY YOU know your true heart’s desire. 

Let your feelings guide you.

If you feel a sense of relief at stopping your crystal work, then perhaps you need a break and you’ve just been looking for permission or justification. If you feel sadness at the thought of not working with the stones, then perhaps it’s not what you really want. The crystals are very loving and accepting beings. They do not judge. They will support you in your choice-no matter what it is.

Know this…if you are connected to any being–crystalline or otherwise, you cannot truly sever that connection. It is a bond of the heart and that cannot be broken.

Crystals are a part of us

Truth be told, whether or not the crystals and stones are a physical presence in your life, you are connected to them. You are never far from them. The crystal people are a part of our physical existence. They are a part of our physical makeup. They are family in a sense. Just as with our human families, we can deny their existence (and sometimes we try our hardest to do just that), but it doesn’t change the fact that we’re related.

Crystals, like water and light and food, are an inextricable part of our lives. We are of the earth, we live upon the earth and the earth is within us–a part of our physical bodies. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if we realize our inter-connectedness with the stone beings or not. It does not change the fact that we are connected.


Originally published August 15, 2015