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Are you safe?

I have a question for you.

Are you safe?

Is your world a safe place?

Are you safe in your country?

Are you safe to speak openly and freely?

Are you safe in your neighbourhood?

Are you safe with your family and in your closest relationships?

Are you safe in your own body?

Really ask this question...Are you safe?

Because often times we go through life numb to the simple, basic need for safety. Not realizing that at some level we don’t feel safe.

Signal Safety

It’s what so many health practitioners and light workers and those who understand the way the brain works, do central nervous system work of focussing on signalling safety in the body. It’s why they teach and do practices like hugging and rocking the body, humming or singing, affirmations or mantras, breathing into the base of the spine or square (box) breathing.

These are beautiful practices when you are feeling stressed or mildly anxious. It can be a challenge to remember to take such self care measures when fear and panic sends your body into a state of fight, flight, fawn or freeze. That’s why it’s so important to practice bringing your body into a feeling of safety on a regular basis.

Calling in Calm

In the meantime, for times when logic escapes us and we forget all about our tools, we can simply pick up a crystal. That might be all that’s needed for calm to come back into the body.

If you do have a regular practice of signalling safety in the body, consider inviting in a crystal to join you. The stone being will hold the memory (vibrational pattern) of the techniques and when you pick up the crystal, it will be easier to remember them.

Crystals Diamonds

Any crystal can be your practice buddy, but there are a few who were singing. The diamond shape was being reflected to me from the Universe all week. When the first 2 stones volunteered, I understood why.

Mica Diamonds: In the shape of a diamond, these reflective, violet stone beings are filled with soothing, peaceful frequencies. They are a book crystal—stacks of thin delicate layers which become strong as they fuse together. This crystal’s diamond shape is key to its support for calling in the feeling of being safe.

Shungite or Diamond: They are another facet of Diamond medicine. Both aspects of Carbon, they carry the sacred, secret recipe of alchemy—the transmutation of one substance into another and I don’t know any other element which demonstrates that more powerfully than Carbon and Diamond.

Copal: Our crystal of the year keep showing us more ways to connect with them. Their name is key in the way it can help us. Copal sounds like cope-all.