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Are you beautiful?

In the world of crystals and gemstones, the most beautiful and most expensive crystals are the clearest, those that have the most intense colours and the ones with the most flash. The most coveted stones are the ones that are free of flaws. Discerning shoppers seek out perfection when they look for a stone.

There are crystals that have a beauty beyond the sparkle and clarity of icy flawlessness. They have a clarity that reveals things that are beyond what the clearest of quartz can show you. They have a richness that will drop you deeper than the reddest of rubies. And their brilliance will fill your eyes with more light than a thousand dazzling diamonds.

A song of Beauty

If you are searching for an unrealistic ideal, you will undoubtably be disappointed. There will always be some blemish that will disqualify it from perfection. But when you stop looking for scratches and marks and discolourations and inclusions, then you might just find the perfect crystal humming and glowing and moving you on such a deep inner level, that it leaves you completely transformed. This blissful connection happens despite, or perhaps because of, the unusual curvature or crack, or cloudiness or groove, or unsightly inclusion, or…or…or…

These “ugly” stones sing of beauty. A type of beauty that is rarely experienced. It is a beauty that emerges when one soul sees another soul. It happens when you look beyond the physical appearance of a being right through to the depth of their true essence—their Divine self. When you can do that, the beauty that emerges is beyond the most breathtaking sight in this physical world.

Kalon Crystals

I call them Kalon Crystals. They remind us how to see the hidden inner beauty of our world—beauty that often goes unseen ... unbeknownst beauty. You will only be able to recognize these heavenly manifestations if you are free of the judgements of standardized beauty.

Once you’ve let go of the search for perfect symmetry and equally balanced forms you will be able to see the natural perfection in the uniqueness of each individual. Before that you must first be able to see your own beauty. This means accepting your unique characteristics—not just on the physical level but also your distinctive quirks and one and only personality.

When you can love yourself with all your “inclusions” then you will see the beauty everywhere.

If you can’t yet look at your reflection and be happy with what you see, try opening up your heart to a Kalon crystal. In the process of learning to love a being you once thought of as ugly, you will be learning to love yourself.

Begin by asking a simple question …

Are you beautiful?