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An overlooked simple Crystal practice

I want to tell you about a technique for working with the stone beings that is so easy, people often don’t think to do it.

We want to learn intricate crystal body layouts, and fancy grid patterns. We want detailed instructions so that we can be sure we’re doing things right and that we’re not messing anything up. We want to know how to tap into the highest light and protect ourselves from any negative energy. We want to make sure the stone is cleansed and clear and how to program the crystal. We want to make sure we’re also doing what’s right and best for the stone beings and that we are worthy of the honour.

While we are busy memorizing instructions, setting up our sacred space and preparing our bodies, we put so much pressure on ourselves that we miss out on the real magic. Or worse, we get so overwhelmed by it all that we don’t even start.

It doesn't have to be so complicated

We like to complicate our lives. We feel if something isn't hard, it isn't valuable. But truly, there are so much in this world that we can do for ourselves and our well being that are simple and easy.

I want to tell you about a simple technique for connecting to a crystal's energy that is so easy, you don't think to do it.

It's as simple as just holding your crystal.

That's it! And nothing else!

Just hold it in your hand and you will be connecting to the healing energy​ of that stone being. You don’t necessarily even have to hold the crystal. It can be near you and you can connect through your intention. Actually the crystal doesn’t even have to be in the same room as you—or even the same city, country or planet. All you have to do is think about it and you will be connected.

But start by holding it. There are so many distractions in life that it helps to have a physical experience of something to be fully aware and present with it. Crystals are wonderfully tactile and each one will feel very different. Experiencing the physical variations between crystals can help you to tell them apart energetically. You get to know their personalities.

If you want to take it a little further ...

Listen ... that's it. It's that simple. Just listen.

The hard part is waiting and trusting. Waiting to hear or feel or see what the crystal is showing you and trusting what you are sensing is real. ​​​​​That is when the mind kicks in with critical comments like …

“this is a waste of time”

“you’re not going to feel anything”

“you’re not special—what makes you think you can do this”

“you don’t know how to do this”

“it might work for her, but it won’t work for me”

“people will think you are crazy”

And other very cruel comments that spring out of our natural human insecurities.

This is a step that you can’t skip though if you’re going for a deep communication with a stone being. I’ve been listening to the stones for decades and I still go through this dance with the mind. At one point I came to see that it was actually a good thing. It’s a gauge, in a sense, that helps me to know if I’m truly connecting. If my mind was not challenging me, I would know I was in my ego.

The overprotective brother

I can promise you that it gets easier to be with the thoughts that pop up. Especially once you figure out that they come up to protect you. Kind of like the overprotective brother that stands between you and your dreamy date. He’s not trying to ruin your night. He just wants to make sure you are safe. If you can see that, then the hurt and anger dissolve and what you feel instead is loved and protected.

With this understanding you are able to find clever ways through these barriers of protection. Mostly it is just a matter of listening, appreciating and then going forward with a strong inner trust. With practice, it gets easier and the communication becomes clearer. You will be able to separate between the messages from the stones and the thoughts of your mind.

When stress takes over

When life becomes complicated and anxiety and stress takes over, you forget about the readily available support you have at your disposal. You forget that the most magical things happen for us when we make things easy for ourselves. You start looking for complicated solutions to your complicated life situation.

You will be less likely to forget if you make it a regular practice. Try to set aside some time to hold your crystal. It doesn’t even have to be for long. A few minutes can bring deep relaxation and ease stress and anxiety we didn’t even know we were experiencing.


Next time things get hairy, try to remember to simply pick up a crystal and feel your connection to the gentle, loving, natural rhythms of the harmony of the natural world.