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Amber Syrop Crystal Medicine

Once upon a time, I was gifted a prescription for a Star Song through a dream. I was guided by my Angelic guides in every step of the co-creation of this ethereal essence. This gift of spirit helped me to adjust to a powerful spiritual shift that showed up in my physical body as intense flu symptoms.

In the dream I was drinking an amber coloured alcohol that I believe was whiskey. I NEVER drink. My body does not react well to alcohol. And if I was to drink, I would choose the sweetest mildest wine or liqueur—nothing strong or boozy tasting. But in my dream I not only drank the whiskey but it tasted like sweet burnt caramel. It was yummy. I woke up and was immediately moved to co-create a crystal elixir.

A new Creation

Time stood still and I gathered the elements together as if I had done it a million times. I felt the presence of the Angels guiding me in my movements. First came the Whiskey—we happened to have a bottle of crown royal that was gifted to us around 10 years ago. Then came some blue and golden amber. Then some resin—Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal. Finally, atop the resins, I poured a drop of essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin and Cistus. I had been guided a couple weeks earlier to gather these 4 oils together for a special purpose. I now knew why. I called this Star Song, Amber Syrop.

My symptoms eased from the first taste of this Amber Syrop Star Song. I recreate it for myself from time to time and actually did so a few days ago to ease and accelerate the completion of flu symptoms. I’ve experienced the effects of this magical essence 1000 times over, from instant migraine relief, to easing anxiety, to speeding up the healing of bumps, bruises and infections, to clearing toxins and, and, and.

It was not just me

Others have experienced the effects of the star songs, even those who were quite skeptical. During the pandemic, my sister had a physical reaction to a mask that she was wearing and her skin had broken out in a rash. I had just brought an Amber Syrup Star Song into presence because I had a bit of a cough and sore throat. I asked her if she wanted me to include her in the Star Song and she said yes. She told me that she felt immediately better.

She has experienced the Star Songs many times. Once when her spring water was contaminated with chemicals that leached in from the faulty bottles. The water was recalled but not before she drank from it and began experiencing symptoms. I sent over a personal Star Song to her. She said that when she drank from it, she tasted metal and then all her symptoms eased.

Bubbles appear

When I co-create a Star Song for a client over distance, we connect through zoom while the star song comes into presence. My last 3 clients noticed an immediate shift. Oftentimes bubbles or branch like patterns will begin to form in the water. Both here and with the client’s star song avatar (when they choose to have one) on the other side of the continent or the world. They really are magical.

As far as I’m concerned the physical benefits are only a small part of what they do. What they are most brilliant at is what you might call inner alchemy…a shift of old patterns, an auric cleanse, an acceleration of dharma. Ultimately the Star Songs spark a shift in frequency which takes us into finer realignment with our soul, which then takes us into our deepest purpose.

No matter how many times I experience the wondrous effects of these ethereal elixirs, I’m always amazed. It’s just water after all. Just water indeed. The energies of the elements (usually colour or crystals), the Angelic presence, and pure love and trust, spark an alchemical transformation which transforms simple, everyday water into an ethereal elixir with great transformational power.

Simply extraordinary

I referred to the water as ordinary, but in truth it is anything but. Water is itself extraordinary, before the crystals, the colour, the angels and the love. It has strange qualities, which break the laws of physics and elude scientific understanding. It is the only known substance which can transform between all states of matter. There are at least 66 ways that water is different from every other liquid on the planet. Even something as simple as why frozen water is slippery is not understood.

Bach discovered the magical properties of water when he created his flower essences. Hanneman tapped into water’s memory when he developed homeopathy. Emoto discovered how to see how sound changes water’s shape at the microscopic level. The Star Songs are yet another way that water can be used as medicine.

The Unknown

Star Songs are a beautiful way to experience a crystal’s energy. They are a way of going deep into the essence of a stone—a new way to hear their song. There is a gift that is offered in that unseen, non-physical, dimension that otherwise would not have been received. Now here’s the most magical part—when seeing this unknown part of the stone being, you get a glimpse of an unknown part of yourself.