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Accepting Change

Life is ever-changing. When we like the changes we accept them quite easily. But when those changes cause us pain and sadness we are not so open to them. In fact, we often resist them with every fibre of our being and that just prolongs our suffering. We may be aware of this on a conscious level—but it’s one thing to know something and another altogether to put it into practice.

I was out for a walk the other day and I had an aha moment connected to this resistance to change. I had been noticing that it was when the sun returned after a long winter that I was the most “sad” (affected by the season). It puzzled me … I should be happy for the sun’s return…I should be feeling the sun’s rays nourishing my body and my spirit. But I felt MORE ‘sad’ than I did in the darkest day of winter. I felt something else that when I realized what it was, it surprised me. It was…anger?

Could I be angry at the Sun’s return?

I began to understand the reason why the return of the sun at winter’s end might have me feeling MORE DOWN than I was during its absence. It’s similar to the way a child reacts when his parents come home from a trip. The child was fine while they were away but the anger comes up when the parents return.

I think at some level that’s what was happening to me… I’ve missed the Sun and now that it has come back, I have mixed feelings. I’m happy to have it back, but knowing it’s going to leave again. I eventually forget about the coldness of the winter and bask in it’s rays, but for right then….yup…I’m a little angry at the sun.

Crystals to soften transition

Three red-rayed crystals volunteered to spark an awareness and understanding about life’s inevitable shifts, and knowing what to do about those changes—if anything.



Ruby’s strong form and regal presence helps us to accept change with grace and strength. Ruby herself is a stone of change, She shows us that in the way that she darkens and deepens with our touch and in our presence.

Rhodochrosite reminds us to move into – or stay in – a state of love as we go through those life changes. Like Ruby, she also warms at our touch. It is that warmth that soothes us during the coldness of the trauma that sudden change may evoke. She urges us to keep our heart open and be loving towards ourselves instead of critical and impatient.



Fiery Quartz shows us how to tap into that source of strength and energy within us to move through change with greater ease. In other words, it lights a fire under us to jump start us out of our funk. Another warm being, it inspires us to warm up to that which created the change in our lives and to see that ultimately the change comes from love.



SO now to the 3 red beings of stone … ADD a Sulphured crystal for a dose of sunny energy to soothe our solar plexus, connect us to our inner power and create a bridge to our eternal source of light. With that we can remember that the light did not leave—it just was not seen and felt by our physical bodies. When we hold that awareness for long enough, the absence of the sun (and it’s return for that matter) will affect us less with each passing year.


Originally published May 15, 2016