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A whale of a stone

Crystals can often show up for us before we even realize that we need them. That’s what happened to me. Two weeks ago, while meditating, I felt and saw an Orca Whale. Then a couple of days later, a crystal did the thing that crystals do, and began singing. While I was responding to the call of an Ethiopian opal, I noticed the Orca agate beneath it. This brilliant stone had led me right to it in a roundabout way. As soon as I saw and picked up the whale stone, I immediately knew that this stone was the reason for the Orca showing up in that moment of stillness 2 days earlier.

I didn’t know yet why the Orca was singing for me. I just instinctively began to carry it with me, feeling very soothed by it. Then 2 days later, the night of a full moon, I found out that my cousin died. It was unexpected and came as quite a shock. The Orca agate was heaven sent. It would be such a comforting presence while I grieved.

At the eleventh hour

Last night, I was looking for something to share with you today. Oftentimes I don’t know what I will be sharing until the eleventh hour. It was approaching midnight before I decided I would talk about how crystals help with grief. I was inspired by the relief the Orca brought me.

What I found instead was a lovely surprise. I was led right to a video recording I did 2 years ago during a new moon with the very same Orca agate that was now singing again during a full moon. This stone being shared a crystal moon message back then that I was about to find relevant 2 years later. It talked about how….

”you sometimes take in the toxic energies of others. When those energies are specifically directed at you then you may feel depleted or experience unpleasant physical symptoms.”

Then it shared how to open the awareness so that…

”no toxic energy will every be able to penetrate your field of light.”

Now comes the most magical part.

Earlier that day, I was unknowingly exposed to petrochemicals, which I’m hyper sensitive to. I became extremely grouchy (that time of the month kind of moodiness). My anger was directed at one particular person who had been around those chemicals and which were now clinging to their clothes. Around the time that the headache started to come on, I had an aha about why I was so moody. With that awareness came an instant fading of the intense anger. As soon as I distanced myself from the toxins I felt a million times calmer. Then of course I misted myself with a Star Song and that eased the head pain immediately. (You’ve probably heard me speak about the Crystal Essences I call Star Songs, often—they are magical.)

Extra Magic

Everything that the Orca Agate told me 2 years ago was reflected in this experience. Only I wouldn’t find that out until later that night—after it was over. And as if that was not enough, there was some extra magic to come.

I had already gone to bed. I was writing a blog post about this experience of “chemical rage” for my other website (I’d be happy to share that when it is done). I had forgotten to prepare the Orca video to share in the Sunday Sparkle Newsletter—and I’ll share it here as well.



While I was doing that, a message came in from someone in my qigong group—I was in such a stupor that I had inadvertently sent them a reminder meant for another group I host. If I hadn’t had seen that, the reminder would not have gone out. In the midst of all that, I began hearing the song of stones and I found myself downstairs in the crystal room gathering Orcas—one in particular which had special significance—a soul journey stone.

The crazy connections

All these things, from the profound to the seemingly insignificant, demonstrated the intricate interconnectedness of things…the eye stone showing up 2 years ago and again now; that it was a needed source of support for the grief I was about to go through; the stone’s prophetic message about the toxic energy I would be exposed to and how to release it; then the email mixup and the soul journey stone that was singing.

The craziest thing is life is always like that…we just don’t always notice. The crystals can help us see the magic.


XXtra: I completed writing this light log post at 1:11:11pm my time.