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I’ve been feeling quite “scattered” lately for lack of a better word.  I’ve been trying to get this blog out and the newsletter.  I’ve also been trying to complete a listing of some very special stone beings who have been sharing a song about the SACRED TRINITY.  I just couldn’t seem to get any of it done.  It seemed that every time I began to work on it, there would be another distraction.  I wondered if this “scatteredness” was possibly connected to global/universal things.  I had noticed I was not the only one feeling this way … I was hearing from others that they were feeling “scattered” too.  So I took a little look to see what the Planets were up to and I found something interesting.  We happened to be in the midst of a rare “PLANETARY TRIO”.  A triangular alignment of 3 planets, that were bright enough to for us to see with the naked eye.  And it was happening NOW … at this very moment.  It had actually been going on for several days – in sync with my “scattered” feeling.  TODAY WAS THE FINAL DAY!  And now it seems suddenly I’m able to complete everything.  Of course this discovery was connected to the SACRED TRINITY wisdom that the stones were sharing.  The Universe always surprises me in this way.  It was offering me a reflection of that TRINITY from above!

Jupiter (l), Venus (bottom) and Mercury on May 26, 2013  as captured from Deming, New Mexico by EarthSky Facebook friend Dan Gauss.

If you want to know more about this triangular alignment here’s a link I found that has some great information:

“The rare astronomical coincidence of a spectacular triangular triple conjunction of 3 bright planets happening right now is certainly wowing the entire World of Earthlings!  Right at sunset, our Solar System’s two brightest – Venus and Jupiter – as well as the sun’s closest planet Mercury are very closely aligned for about a week in late May 2013 – starting several days ago and continuing throughout this week.

Read more:

Some refer to this a triple conjunction, but really it’s just three separate conjunctions happening over a few days. A better name for this event is planetary trio.”

There are many swirls of shifting energies that we have been experiencing in this powerful year of 2013 that may have also made us feel “scattered” or unsettled or overwhelmed.  And there are more to come, I’m sure.  This is a powerful year.  A year of many shifts in all aspects of our physical existence.

Those who are sensitive to the subtle energies are finding that the way in which they feel energy is shifting and these energies that they are sensing seem to be magnified.  Those who are not normally this sensitive and aren’t usually aware of energetic shifts are feeling things they’ve never experienced before.  It can be intense, confusing and overwhelming to all – to both those who are aware of the subtle energies and to those who have previously lived their lives through a more solid perspective.  The lines between physical density and subtle ethereal energies is thinning and the boundaries blurring.  As the veils between our worlds thin, more and more of us are opening to the spiritual side of our existence.  With that comes the opening up to energies we weren’t aware existed before.

As our world expands, the turbulent swirls of energies can feel like invisible storms which can feel like barriers blocking our path.  However, the Universe is wise and kind to us because as there are more and more of these turbulent energy storms in our world, so too are we gifted with greater guidance and support through those transformative events.  Our Earth Mother and the ethereal beings send us lots of love and protection during those shifts.  The Stone beings have been sent to help guide and support us through these intense shifts we’re experiencing.  If we are open to them and allow them to help us, they can lead us through the energy vortexes, gently, gracefully and free of fear.  Our stone friends can help in many ways,  They can help us to release our resistance, which makes the path easier to travel upon.  They can help us to understand what is happening so we can move through it without anxiety.  These are just a couple of the ways in which their presence can ease our journey.  They offer us wisdom, support, guidance and love.  We are able to feel the love and protection of our Earth Mother through her stone children.  She sent them here to support us.  It is up to us to accept the gift.