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A peak into the process of listening to the song of stones.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about how I go about listening to the messages that the stones share through what I call … their song. These songs are messages holding deep wisdom and transformational vibrations. Sometimes it’s personal and sometimes it’s a universal message – though most times it is both. So while it is a message that is sent from one being to another, a conversation happens. And it is very much a conversation. A stone song is a type of transmission but it is not a channeling of a message in the way some might envision it to be. I do not move out of the way and allow the crystal to speak through me. It is much more of a co-creative process. Like I said – it is a conversation. I mostly listen – but I ask questions too sometimes. In fact I usually begin with a question.

When I’m listening for a song for someone I will usually begin by asking the crystalline being what their song is for that person. That brings in another depth and dimension to the process. Because it is not just myself and the crystalline being in conversation … you the receiver of the message are involved as well. It is a a 3-way call so to speak. The soul of the person who is receiving the message is present as well.

What follows is the hardest part of the process … the waiting. Sometimes the crystal’s message starts coming through even before I have picked up the crystal and asked the question. Sometimes it is singing for quite some time before I can get to a quiet place with pen and paper and begin recording the message. However more often I must wait. And while I am waiting the voice of doubt speaks to me. Every single time without fail it chimes in and chastises me for having the arrogance to think that I can do this sacred act. Who do I think I am … to presume to listen for a message for another!

I have come to understand that this is part of the process. I have even come close to welcoming it – because this critical voice keeps me honest. It gives me pause to check in with myself and make sure I am not listening with my ego. Once I have allowed the doubt to be expressed then a beautiful stillness follows and the message begins to flow through. The sacredness and magic of the experience is well worth the excruciating wait. This process can take up to a couple of hours, depending on how long I must wait for the song to begin to flow out and how deep the message is.

This art of listening to the song of stones is a sacred act. I must enter into a very deep state of being. The crystals keep my body grounded to the earth but my consciousness does shift planes. Once the message is complete, it takes some time to re-acclimate to my earth body. I cannot do much more that day. I must readjust to physical time. It’s a little like the spiritual version of jet lag. It is important to allow my body the rest it needs so I usually don’t type up the message that day. I most often need to wait a day or two before I’m ready to go back into the song. I don’t go quite as deep when I’m typing it up – but I am again required to take it slow and so I honour the process and I don’t do much other work that day as well.

I should mention that there is another service I offer for clients who are bringing home a crystal that I call a “mini song”. This should not be confused with the “Song of Stones”. The mini song is a short message which may come as an image, a single paragraph, a sentence or maybe even just a word. However it is given to me, is how I pass it along. It is quite different than the deep communion that happens when I listen for a stone’s song.

So that is my process for listening to the songs of the stones. It has been a great gift. The stone ones are incredible beings. They are very generous of spirit and as open and accepting as any being I’ve encountered. They share of themselves with unconditional love and without asking for anything in return. I’ve seen them do their magic more times than I can recount which is probably for the best because it is likely you wouldn’t believe some of the stories anyway.